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1825, William Harrel of Wythe County, VA

Added 7 May 2015

13 Sep 1825

It was certified to the court that George Flora, John Flora, Betsy Flora (who married ___ Jones), and Adam Flora are the only children of John Flora by his wife Elizabeth Bridinger, and Caty Flora who married Peter Thrasher, George Flora, Adam Flora, John Flora, Polly Flora who married David Seachrist, Betsy Flora who married Henry Lemmon, Susan Flora who married William Harrel, Joseph Flora, and David Flora are the only children of David Flora by is wife Eva Bridinger.

Source: The Lost Children of Wythe County, Virginia 1790-1878, Poor School Children, Orphans and Apprentices From County Records, compiled by Mary B. Kegley, 1995, p. 131.

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