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Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

1820, Reuben Harrell of Wythe County, VA

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9 May 1820

The following recommended: William Davis, major, replacing Samuel Williams, resigned, 2nd Battalion, 35th Regiment; Solomon Pickle, captain, replacing William Davis, promoted; Abram Snavely, lieutenant, replacing Solomon Pickle, promoted; Joseph W. Davis, ensign; George Edwards, captain in company of artillery attached to the 35th Regiment, replacing Henry Whitman, who refused to qualify; Peter Knipp, 1st lieutenant, same, replacing James Fullen, resigned; David Harkerader, 2nd lieutenant, same company; Robert Stewart, ensign, company of riflemen, 1st Battalion in place of Samuel Sayers, who failed to qualify; Henry Wampler, ensign in company of riflemen, 2nd Battalion commanded by Captain John Miller, replacing Henry Burkhart, removed; John J., Woolford, lieutenant in company of militia commanded by Captain Stephen Haulsey attached to the 1st Battalion replacing William Patterson, Jr., resigned; John Baumgardner, ensign, same company, replacing John J. Woolford, promoted; Samuel Sayers, lieutenant in company of militia 1st Battalion, commanded by Captain Draper, replacing Reuben Harrell, resigned; Joseph Graham, ensign in company commanded by Captain Draper, 1st Battalion; Michael Robinett, captain in place of John Devor, removed, 2nd Battalion; Hyram Robinett, lieutenant in place of Michael Robinett, promoted; James Waddle, Jr., ensign in place of Hyram Robinett, promoted; Montgomery Friel, captain in place of Hugh McGavock, Jr., resigned, 1st Battalion; William Crockett, lieutenant, replacing Thomas Graham, resigned; John Carter, ensign, replacing Daniel Whiteker, who refused to qualify; John R. Nye, captain of a company of light infantry attached to the 35th Regiment; George Hoback, lieutenant, same company, and James Fullen, ensign, same company.

Source: Abstracts of Court Orders of Wythe County, Virginia, 1811-1820, Volume 2, by Mary B. Kegley, 1997, p. 123.

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