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Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

1808, William Harrell of Wythe County, VA

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14 Sep 1808

Holbert Allison, David Sayers, William Harrell and James Simpson viewed the way for the new road proposed by John Flora from the head of Draper’s Valley to the main road between Russells and Feeleys and Humphrey Eillis’s pass1ng sa1d Flora’s mill made their report and the following are to appear to show reasons why the said road should not be opened: William Foster, Samuel Shepperd, Andrew Boyd, James Foster, heirs of Joseph Honeaker, deceased, Adolph Flora, Alex, Miller, Randolph Fugate, and John Flora.

Source: Abstracts of Court Orders of Wythe County, Virginia, 1790-1791; 1795-1810, Volume 1, by Mary B. Kegley, 1996, p. 160.

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Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

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