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Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

1805, Reuben Harrell of Wythe County, VA

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21 Feb 1805

William Roweson, an emancipated slave, formerly the property of Conrad Doll of Frederick Co, MD, of one part to Reuben Ross of the County of Wythe and Commonwealth of Virginia of the other part; witneth that the said William Roweson voluntarily hath put, placed, and bound himself to the said Reuben Ross as a servant with him to dwell for the full term of twenty five years from the date hereof during all which time the said William doth covenant and agree with the said Reuben Ross him well and faithfully to serve in all such lawful business as the said William shall be put to by his said Master according to best of his power, wit, and ability and honesty and obediently shall behave himself to the said Reuben Ross his master, that he will not desert the service of his master for & during the term of years aforesaid and will not go from the place assigned him for his above a distance not more than ten miles without a pass from his said Master or from such person as his said Master may authorize for that purpose and the said William further doth covenant that he will deliver the instruments of his emancipation to the person into whose hands this indenture is given to be kept in trust by him until the full term of years aforesaid is expired for the performance of all and every covenant on the part of the said William himself in the sum of two thousand dollars.

And the said Reuben Ross on his part doth covenant and agree to and with said William to furnish him with sufficient drink, clothing, washing, lodging & all other things suitable for a servant during the said term.

And also will pay him the said William the sum of two hundred dollars in cash for and in consideration of his service to be performed aforesaid. In testimony whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and affirm their seals the day and year first above written. William Roweson made his mark; Reuben Ross signed; witnesses: James Boyd, Thomas Riders, Reuben Harrell, Randolph Ross.

Source: Wythe County Virginia Deed Book 4, pp. 217, 218, 219.

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