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Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

1810, John Harrel of Frederick County, VA

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30 Jul 1810

Hite vs. Buck O. S. 187; N. S. 66, Bill 1809. From Frederick. Thomas Smith, aged 72, deposes in Frederick, 30th July, 1810, he found in JOHN HARREL’S papers a deposition by William Owens. SARAH HARREL, aged 65, deposes as above. Widow of JOHN HARREL. Fairfax gave JOHN a lease on Happy Creek, near Front Royal, for their lives, viz: JOHN HARREL; his son, NATHAN HARREL, and NATHAN’S son NATHAN. ELIZABETH HARREL deposes as above (age 37). Daughter of JOHN. Charles Buck, aged 37, deposes 9th May, 1812. Bond by JOHN HARRELL, JR., of Frederick County to Isaac Hite, dated 2d August 1770. Bond by JOHN and JACOB HARRELL, 27th April 1773.

Source: Chalkley Papers Vol. II, p. 153

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