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Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

1740, John Harrow of Orange County, VA

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23 May 1740

pp. 125-26. John Calver. Inventory. Appraisers sworn before Morgan Morgan. Total valuation L68.4.7, David Vance Senr, robert Allan, David Vance, Junr.

Debts due by John Colvert’s estate:

To Mr. Jost Hite, L3.2.2, To JOHN HARROW, L13.1,To Grisham Woodall, L2.7 ½,To Robert Warph, L4.4 ½
To George Boman, L7.8,To Mr. James Wood, L2.2.1,To James Megrowe, L2.9,To James Cathey, L1.8,To Wm. McMachen, L2.8,To Nathaniel Chapman, L10.1,To Jacob Whit, L2.0,To Robert Brookes, L17.6, We the undersigned executors do justify the above County to be just and true. Wm. McMachen, Robert Colvert, Jane Stevenson, Isaiah Calvert. 23 May 1740. Returned to court.

Source: Orange County, Virginia Will Book I 1735-1743, Abstracted and Compiled by John Frederick Dorman, p. 24

The spelling of the names has been faithfully followed as they were in the original document.

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