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Last Updated on 8 Apr 2021

1735, John Herle of Orange County, VA

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17 May 1735

pp. 83-87: 17 May 1735. Alexander Spotswood, esq. to JOHN HERLE, planter. Lease for lives of JOHN HERLE and Wilm. Ingram son of Jno. Ingram. 120 acres on the south side of the River Rappidanne, part of 40,000 acres granted granted Alexander Spotswood and called the Sptsylvania Tract. Yearly rent for first four years on 25 December, one ear of Indian corn, and thereafter 600 pounds of tobacco, delivered at a convenient landing in Spotsylvania County, the first due 25 Dec. 1736.

14 July 1735. Possession granted JOHN HERLE by James Chissum, attorney of Alexander Spotswood. Wit: Charles Spoe, Bryan Sisson.

15 July 1735. Acknowledged by Alexander Spotswood, Esq. on motion of John Bramham.

Source: Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 1735-1738, Compiled and Abstracted by John Frederick Droman, p. 7

The abstract is actually much longer than this. The more interesting portions of this abstract were chosen to be posted. Other researchers may wish to look up the abstract in its entirety.

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