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1. 1624, James City, VA

30 Nov 1624

Harralde, Thomas

Hughe Hayward (15) and Robert Fitt sworne and examined say, that they were p’sent when Thomas Harralde made his will and that they both were wittnesses to the same, and yt this will brought into the Courte by Mr Richarde Kingsmell is the same will and that he was in p’fect memory when he made the same, and lived about a month after, but made no later will that they know of.

Source: Virginia Historical Magazine Vol. 21, p. 59, taken from Minutes of Council and General Court of James City, Virginia 1622-29

2. 1649, Northampton County, VA

5 Oct 1649

Herle, Randall

Synopsis: Patent (land grant) to Randall Herle for 600 acres “upon great Nuswattock River from Chingandehee Creeke Mouth unto Arokoko Creeke.” The patent was due to Herle for the transportation of twelve persons to the Colony.

“October 5, 1649, Patent Book No. 4, p. 185, CAPT. RANDALL HERLE, Marriner, 600 acs. Northampton Co., 5 Oct. 1649, p. 185. Lyeing N. N. W. upon great Naswattock Riv. from Chineandehee Cr. Mouth unto Arokoko Cr. Trans, of 12 pers: Anthony West, Ann his wife, William Bragg, John West, Kathe: West, Edward Clarke. (Other names not given.)”

Source: VA Eastern Shore, by Whitelaw, Vol. 1, p. 649

3. 1650, Virginia

Harrow, Richard

Harrow, Richard, immigrant, arrived 1650, passage sponsored by Richard Axom, and Tho. Godwin, settled in —?— County.

Source: Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666, published 1912 by George Cabell Greer

4. 1655, Lancaster County, VA

4 Feb 1655

Harrowd, Richard

John Gillet to Joe Bayly 200 a. on Rappahannock “of which divident one Mr Best hath 500 x x x and Jo Smithy 200” acres. Dated 4th Feb. 1655/56. Signed by Jo Billet the seale, Jane Billet. Rec. 12 June 1656. Wit: RICHARD HARROWD, Ed Parkley.

Source: Lancaster County Record Book, No. 2 1637-1640 p. 26

5. 1655, Northampton County, VA

17 Mar 1655

Harrold, John

Synopsis: John Harrold with John Jenkins on March 17, 1655 granted a patent to 400 acres of land on the south side of Ananacook Creek in Northampton County.

“March 17, 1655, Patent Book No. 4, p. 331, JOHN JENKINS, 400 acs. called Egg Necke, Northampton Co., 17 Mar. 1655, p. 31, (49). S. side main branch of Anancocke, bounded on W. by a branch parting same from land of Richard Wans worth. Trans, of 8 pers: Richd. Browne, Jno. Harrold, Wm. Farr, (or Harr), Jeffery Hughes, Toby Calgey, Ann Jordan, Marg. Willmude, Wm. Lemon.”

Source: Cavaliers and Pioneers p. 331, Land Patent Book Richmond, Virginia

6. 1655, Northampton County, VA

Harrald, John

Harrald, John, immigrant, arrived 1655, passage sponsored by John Jenkins, settled in Northampton County;

Source: Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666, published 1912 by George Cabell Greer

7. 1657, Lancaster County, VA

10 Oct 1655

Harrold, Richard

Jno Nichols binds himself to pay Capt. Thos Hackett 2000 lb tobo 10 Oct 1655. Signed Jno Nichols Wit: Tho Madestard, Jo Millisunt. Thos Hackett assigns the above to Wm. Cappam Senr with Jno Nichols consent. 27 Oct—. Signed Thoms Hackett. Wit: Richard Harrold. Rec. 7th Oct. 1657.

Source: Lancaster County Record Book No. 2 1637-1640, p. 133

8. 1659, Lancaster County, VA

25 Jan 1659

Hurrall, Richard

Reference is made to 200 acres of land, beyond the plantation of Richard Hurrall, dated 25 January 1659/60

Source: Lancaster County Record Book 2, 1637-1640, p. 161

9. 1662, Northampton County, VA

26 Mar 1662

Harle, Randall

March 26, 1662, Patent Book No. 4, p. 417, COLONEL EDMUND SCARBURGH, 600 acs. N’ampton Co., 26 Mar. 1662, p. (540). N.W. upon great Nuswattoke Riv., from Chingandokee Cr. mouth unto Arakoke Cr. Granted to Randall Harle, 5 Oct. 1649, by him deserted & granted said Scarburgh by order &c, dated 28 Sept. 1661 & due for trans, of 12 pers.

Source: Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents, Vol. 1, 1623-1666, Nugent, p. 417

10. 1666, Accomack County, VA

16 Oct 1666

Hearle, Thomas, Francis, Edward

THOMAS HEARLE, list of Daneil Selby 600 A.
FRANCIS HEARLE, EDWARD HEARLE list of Alexander Williams granted 600 A.

Source: Certificates and Rights Accomack County VA 1663-1709 by Stratton Notingham, pub. Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc. Baltimore, Maryland

11. 1667, Accomack County, VA

16 Aug 1667

Hurle, Augustine

August 16, 1667 Augustine Hurle list of George Johnson 200 A.

Source: Certificates and Rights Accomack County VA 1663-1709 by Stratton Notingham, pub. Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc. Baltimore, Maryland

12. 1668, Virginia

22 Aug 1668

Harrill, Mr. (possibly Richard Sr.)

A letter from Joseph Clarke, dated August 22, 1668 to Col. John Washington says. ‘My good friend MR. HARRILL, brother-in-law, and executor to Mr. Browne’.

Source: William and Mary Quarterly Vol. 4, p. 81

13. 1679, Northumberland County, VA

3 May 1679

Harrel, James

James Harrel, son of GILBERT, born 3 May 1679.

Source: Northumberland County Records of Birth 1661-1810, p. 438

14. 1680, Northumberland County, VA

3 Mar 1680

Harrel, Mary

Mary Harrel, daughter of Gilbert, born March 3, 1680.

Source: Northumberland County Records of Birth, 1661-1810, p. 438

15. 1682, Northumberland County, VA

25 Mar 1682

Harrel, Gilbert

Gilbert Harrell, son to Gilbert, born 25 March 1682.

Source: Northumberland County Record of Births, 1661-1810, p. 438

16. 1682, Northumberland County, VA

22 Aug 1682

Harald, Mary

Mary Harald, daughter of Walter, born 22 August 1682.

Source: Northumberland County Records of Birth, 1661-1810, p. 439

17. 1682, Lancaster County, VA

5 Sep 1682

Harrowell, Richard

2-167 (see 2-164) Thomas Binnision son of Abiah 5 September 1682, sold Richard Harrowell (HARWELL)100 A. on Great Sw. of Haddoways Cr. adj. Durty Sw., near Harrowell’s house, Mr. Robert Griggs, 27 May 1695.

2-164: Abihah Bonison (Bonnison) and alien died seized of 1200 A. in Christ Church Par. Lancaster Co. & could leave no heir or dispose by Will. Thomas Bonison so ofAbiah of Lancaster Co. presents same to Escheat and 7 September 1682 sold 212 A. of the 1300 A. to Urihah (Huriah) Angell. Grant to Angell adj. Mr. John Pinkar, Thomas Bonnison, the Mill Rd., Thomas Banton. John Hashley, Thomas Martin, Abiah Bonnison’s Sw. 27 may 1695

Source: Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Compiled by Gertrude Grey, Vol. I, p. 13

18. 1684, Northumberland County, VA

15 Oct 1684

Harald, Nicholus

Nicholus Harald, son of Walter, born 15 October 1684.

Source: Northumberland County Records of Birth, 1661-1810, p. 439

19. 1685, Northumberland County, VA

15 Jul 1685

Harrold, Gilbert

In Order Book 4, pg. 279 Saml. Gerrard-dece.-his administrator Elizabeth Gerrard arrests Gilbert Harrold for debt 15 July 1685.

Source: Northumbria Collectanea 1645-1720 A-L, p. 533

20. 1687, Northumberland County, VA

17 Apr 1687

Harald, Sarah

Sarah Harald, daughter of Walter, born 17 April 1687.

Source: Northumberland County Records of Birth, 1661-1810, p. 439

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