Family #2 – EKA Reuben Harrell 1750

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    • RobertHarrelldesc posted #1340

      Direct descendants of Reuben Harrell and Martin Harrell have taken the 67 marker Y-DNA test thru Family Tree DNA and have made an amazing discovery. They share SNP FGC20561 with the Ferrell clan of central Ireland, particularly in the counties of Meath and Longford. It is clear from these new results that the name “Harrell” is a variation of the name “Ferrell” and that the family is of Irish origin. The Y-DNA results are conclusive. The Ferrell (O’Ferrell) Clan has recognized this conclusion and has welcomed all Harrell descendants to become members of the clan. The clan will have an international gathering in Longford in 2017. We’re Irish!!!

    • Administrator posted #1558

      The Earliest Known Ancestor of this family is Reuben Harrell, b. 1750 Frederick County, Virginia, d. Aug 1825 Washington County, Virginia. Reuben Harr…

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