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The parents and siblings of EKA Nathan Harrell cannot be identified from credible documents but enough circumstantial evidence has been found to support speculation. What little is known about the early years of Nathan Harrell can be found in these documents:

  1. Chancery records from the “Hite vs Buck” court case, Frederick Co., VA, reflecting events spanning the time 1770 – 1812;
  2. Two Frederick Co., VA marriages involving a Nathan Harrell: one in 1787 and one in 1790, both performed by the same person;
  3. An article on page 1056 from “The History of Warren County Ohio, Part V, Union Township, Biographical Sketches”, published by W. H. Beers Co., 1882, Chicago, IL;
  4. Frederick Co., VA tax records of 1786 and 1787;
  5. Frederick Co., VA land transaction 20 March 1785.

All 5 documents plus a single Y-DNA test from a proven descendant of EKA Nathan Harrell, and a considerable amount of circumstantial evidence, were collectively used in speculating that EKA Nathan Harrell may be the son of Happy Creek John Harrell discussed in Family#4.

Document 1

The “Hite vs Buck” case in Frederick Co., VA involved John Harrell, b. c. 1737 VA (speculation), who lived on/near Happy Creek where the town of Front Royal, VA is now located. This John Harrell, whom we call Happy Creek John, leased land from Lord Fairfax sometime (unknown) prior to 1770. The leasing relationship (requiring property upgrades and payments of money) took place over several years finally reaching a point where Happy Creek John believed he had obtained from Fairfax a “lease-for-3 lives” – himself, his son Nathan, and Nathan’s son “Nathan”. The court records did not identify when John Harrell received this lease-for-3 lives and this lease was not made available. Court testimony indicating this lease existed is the only proof that Happy Creek John had a son and grandson both named “Nathan”.

Court records showed that Happy Creek John borrowed money at least 2 different times from wealthy land owner Isaac Hite, probably to help pay Fairfax and to meet other requirements of the lease. Eventually, Happy Creek John defaulted on his loan(s) and went to jail for a short period where he contracted small pox, and shortly thereafter died in his home about 1790.

During the settlement of Happy Creek John’s estate (he was penniless), John Buck claimed he had title to the property that John Harrell leased from Lord Fairfax. Isaac Hite also wanted this property to settle John’s debt to him. In 1810, as the court records show, John’s spouse Sarah and his daughter Elizabeth both gave testimony saying they knew and had possession of the lease-for-3 lives and that John Buck tried unsuccessfully at the time of her husband’s death to convince Sarah to “sign it (the lease) over to him”.

Document 2

The 2 marriages identified in document 2 show (1) a Nathan Harrell married Nancy Wiley in Frederick Co., VA on 10 March 1787; and (2) a Nathan Harrell married Ann Betty in Frederick Co., VA on 19 January 1790. The same person performed both marriages. Another official document related to the second marriage shows, in writing, John McAuley admitting that Ann Betty had no father and that he had taken care of her for several years. In all the official documents reviewed, the bride was always identified as Ann Betty. Others who have reported this second marriage (who did not reference original documents) have referred to her as Ann Beatty/Beaty. Strong circumstantial evidence surrounding these two marriages, as discussed below, supports the speculation that both grooms were the same Nathan Harrell, son of Happy Creek John Harrell.

Document 3

Beers published the “History of Warren County Ohio” in 1882, long after Nathan Harrell arrived in OH. On page 1056 of his book, Beers has an article/memoir about J. H. Harrell (John H. Harrell), a grandson of Nathan. In this article, all the statements mentioning Nathan Harrell were not supported by documentation thus suggesting they were based on oral history. Because this article reports on Nathan’s early life, and because others have used this information to justify specific claims about Nathan, the entirety of this article (with some small editorial changes for clarity) is presented as follows:

J. H. HARRELL, farmer; P. O. South Lebanon ; the subject of this memoir was born in Fredericksburg, this county, in 1820; he is a son of John Harrell, who came from Culpeper Co., Va., with his father, Nathan, about the year 1800, and settled in Union Township ; he, Nathan, served as a soldier during the war of the Revolution ; he and his wife were strict and consistent members of the Baptist Church. John Harrell was married to Elizabeth Lind, who bore him six children, viz., Mary A. and George (twins), Matilda, James M., Eliza and John H. Mr. Harrell died in 1824; his wife removed to Illinois, where she died in 1873, at the remarkable age of 102 years. George Lind, father of Mrs. Harrell, was born in Yorkshire, England; when a boy of 16 years, he emigrated to America, which was before the Revolutionary war; he clerked in New York for awhile, and when the war broke out, enlisted and served throughout that great struggle; he, with his family, came to Ohio about 1800 and settled on land adjoining Nathan Harrell, opposite Morrow, and the place is yet known as the “Old Lind Farm.” On the place he settled, he lived and died one of the most respectable and esteemed of the early settlers. Our subject lived on the “ Old Lind Farm ” until 14 years old, when he went to Lebanon, where he served his term at blacksmithing, but never followed it on account of failing eyesight, from which time he followed various pursuits for many years. In 1848, he was married to Keziah Lee, who has borne him seven children, vis., John L., Nancy, Rachel, Emma, Mary J., Jane and George. In 1864, he located in South Lebanon and has been engaged principally in farming; he and his wife are consistent Christian people and have belonged to the M. E. Church more than twenty years. Zephenia Lee, father of Mrs. Harrell, came from Pennsylvania to Union Township in 1804. Where he settled, he lived until his death, which occurred in 1855, aged 74 years, and she departed this life at the age of 77 years; they were parents of eight children, viz., Matilda, Lucinda, Nancy, Elizabeth, Zephenia, Mary, Catharine and Keziah. William Lee, father of Zephenia, came to Ohio about 1808; he resided in Warren Co. until his death, which occurred about 1817. By his three wives he had twenty-one children.

Much of the information in this article regarding Nathan’s family members has been proven to be accurate, but other parts of this article discussed below cannot be verified.

This article states that a Nathan Harrell and his family arrived in OH “about the year 1800”, settling in Union Township which was then in Hamilton Co., OH. Warren Co. was formed from Hamilton Co. in 1802. No proof was given substantiating the time of his arrival. With one exception, however, it is a fact that the earliest known record of Nathan being in OH seems to be the marriage of his son John Harrell to Elizabeth Lind on 21 November 1815 in Warren Co., OH. As shown later, all of Nathan Harrell’s children were born in VA, including the last child Rachel being born 7 August 1800. Since documentation on Nathan Harrell’s arrival in OH is lacking, but knowing he did arrive in OH sometime on or before 1815, this Narrative seeks simplification and will henceforth treat his arrival in OH as being “circa” 1800. More discussion on Nathan’s arrival in OH is found below in the section labeled Lettice/Letitia Harrell.

Several people cite this Beers article as proof that Nathan Harrell served in the Revolutionary War. This claim was reinforced by the presence of a 5 pointed star placed next to Nathan’s tombstone in the Fort Ancient Cemetery of Warren Co., OH (also called Old Bethany Church Cemetery). This star has “1776” printed in the center which suggests to some that he participated in the Rev. War.

After considerable research by the Harrell research team, it was found that this star was placed at the tombstone by representatives of the Women’s Relief Corps (previously called “Past Ladies Aid Society” who changed their name in 1883). This organization had no connection with the DAR and there are currently no DAR records of Nathan Harrell serving in any capacity in the Rev. War. The Warren County Historical Society could find no records of the Women’s Relief Society being active in the county and the only proof they could find of Nathan’s service was the mention in Beers’ book. Furthermore, it was learned that a local Warren Co. historian Mr. Morrow was the person responsible for collecting the information for Beers’ article about J. H. Harrell – but Mr. Morrow could not be found. What seems to be the only reason for placing the star at the tombstone is simply the mention by Beers that Nathan served as a soldier. Without additional information there is no valid reason to believe Nathan served in the Rev. War.

What follows next is making the case that EKA Nathan Harrell in document 3 is the same person mentioned in documents 1 and 2.

Information on Nathan Harrell’s tombstone in the Fort Ancient Cemetery indicates he was born May 8, 1763 and died May 24, 1824. Unfortunately, there is no solid proof of these dates (i.e., no birth or death documents) or where Nathan Harrell 1763 was born. In document 1, if the birth of Happy Creek John Harrell is circa 1737 as speculated, his son Nathan Harrell could have been born after 1758 which fits the birth of Nathan 1763. Furthermore, if Nathan Harrell in document 3 is a son of Happy Creek John Harrell (a) Nathan would probably have been born in Frederick Co., VA which seems to be the case by all that is known about Nathan’s early life; and (b) the birth of Nathan’s son Nathan (Happy Creek John’s grandson) would be about 1784 (21 years after 1763) which fits the naming of grandson Nathan in the lease-for-3 lives before Happy Creek John Harrell died in 1790.

In addition, if Nathan Harrell 1763 had a son born in Frederick Co. circa 1784, Nathan 1763 would probably have married about this time in Frederick Co. which fits the first marriage reported in document 2 between Nathan Harrell and Nancy Wiley on March 1, 1787. It makes sense, therefore, that Nathan Harrell 1763 could have been the person who married Nancy Wiley in 1787 and they could have had children beginning 1787 (or before) with their first child being named Nathan who becomes a grandson of Happy Creek John.

Nancy Wiley is believed to be the daughter of Allen Wiley, a Baptist minister, and Eve Holtzclaw who together lived in both Frederick and Culpeper counties. No information about Nancy Wiley has been found following their 1787 marriage.

The second marriage in document 2 took place in Frederick Co. between a Nathan Harrell and Ann Betty on January 19, 1790. It is thought that Nathan Harrell 1763 arrived in OH circa 1800 with his family which included his spouse “Ann” (“Ann Harrell” was the name on her headstone) which matches the given name of the bride in document 2. It is therefore speculated that Nathan Harrell 1763 married Ann Betty in Frederick Co., VA in 1790; Nathan was either a widower at the time or had permanently separated from Nancy Wiley.

From the preceding information, it is believed that the Nathan Harrell in the first 3 documents is EKA Nathan Harrell 1763. The only issue remaining is the fate of grandson Nathan who was mentioned in Happy Creek John’s lease-for-3 lives.

When Nathan 1763 arrived in Hamilton Co., OH circa 1800, it is known he was with his wife Ann, 3 sons (John b. abt. 1791, George b. abt. 1795, and Nathan b. 1798), and a daughter Rachel b. 1800. Son Nathan 1798 is not Happy Creek John’s grandson because Happy Creek John died about 1790 and his grandson Nathan had to be alive before then in order to be mentioned in the lease-for-3 lives.

Nathan 1763 could not be the grandson of Happy Creek John because this would mean the father would have been born circa 1743 and Happy Creek John would have been born circa 1723. The possibility of being born circa 1723 is much too early for Happy Creek John Harrell because it doesn’t fit current speculation as to whom his parents/siblings might be.

Based on the discussion above, the question “What happened to Happy Creek John’s grandson Nathan” is answered as follows: The grandson Nathan is believed to be a child of Nathan Harrell 1763 and Nancy Wiley, and he died soon after the death of Happy Creek John in 1790.

As will be mentioned later, another child of Nathan and Nancy Wiley is speculated to be a daughter Lettice/Letitia Harrell who later married Joseph Whitacre; both moving to Warren Co., OH after Nathan 1763 arrived.

Document 4

Tax information from Frederick Co. in 1786 and 1787 show a Nathan Harrell without mention of a spouse. Nathan Harrell could not be found in Frederick Co. tax lists in 1789, 1790 or 1799 (the only years where tax info was found between 1787 and 1800). There is, however, a Nathan Harrell shown in the 1800 Frederick Co. Tax List but at this time there was another Nathan Harrell living in the area – a son of Reuben Harrell (Family#2). It is speculated that Nathan 1763 was the person listed in the 1786 and 1787 tax records and could have moved to Culpeper Co. VA sometime after his marriage to Nancy Wiley in 1787. Nancy Wiley’s father and mother lived in Culpeper Co. prior to 1780, lived in Frederick Co. 1780-1790, and lived in Culpeper Co. from 1791 until Allen Wiley died in 1812.

Document 5

In the Frederick Co., VA Deed Book 20, p. 442, March 1785, there is a land transaction between Allen Wiley and Eve his wife of Frederick Co. and John Lehew of the same county. This sale of land from Wiley to Lehew involved 84 acres which was originally part of 416 acres owned by Thomas Chester who willed it to his heirs who, in turn, sold the 84 acre piece to William Harrell in 1777. William Harrell, in turn, sold the 84 acres to Allen Wiley in 1780. This Wiley- to-Lehew sale was witnessed by a Nathan Harrell on 7 June, 1785. It is believed this witness is Nathan 1763 because he lived in the area and his spouse was Nancy Wiley, daughter of Allen Wiley. This William Harrell who sold the 84 acres to Wiley is a son of EKA Richard Harrell (b. abt 1700) who is Family#5 and lived in Frederick Co., VA not far from Happy Creek and Front Royal. Document 5 is further proof that Nathan Harrell 1763 lived in Frederick Co. near the area where Happy Creek John Harrell lived.

There is another document involving a Nathan Harrell which is found in the Frederick Co., VA Order Book 23, p. 112, June 1791. Here is it stated “The petition of Harrell, Nathan against Alan Wiley is discontinued.” An unsuccessful attempt was made to find additional information about the “petition” but it is felt this document pertains to Nathan Harrell 1763.

Nathan Harrell 1763: His Children and Early Time in Ohio

Official documents in Deed Book 8, November 1818, Warren Co., OH show Nathan Harrell buying 70 acres of land from John Miranda for $200 and subsequently selling individual lots for what later becomes Fredericksburg, OH, a township across the river from present-day Morrow, OH.

Some believe the town’s name Fredericksburg was chosen by Nathan 1763 because he formerly lived in Fredericksburg, VA. There is considerable evidence that Nathan spent most of his early years in Frederick Co., VA, and possibly some in Culpeper Co., VA, but no proof of him living in Fredericksburg, VA has been found. Fredericksburg, VA is at least 50 miles from Front Royal, VA where Happy Creek John lived. But Fredericksburg, VA was probably the “biggest” town outside of where Nathan lived in Frederick Co., VA and perhaps Nathan visited there at times. It is certainly possible the town of Fredericksburg, OH was named after Frederick Co., VA, but this matter cannot be resolved without credible evidence.

The Beers article about J. H. Harrell (see above) mentioned Nathan 1763 came to OH from Culpeper Co., VA. Even though Beers provided no proof of this, it is known that Allen Wiley and his spouse did live in Culpeper Co. and it is quite possible Nathan and Nancy Wiley lived there as well before coming to OH.

Children of Nathan Harrell 1763 and (1) Nancy Wiley

It is speculated that children born to this marriage are (1) Nathan Harrell, born about 1788 in Frederick Co., VA, died sometime between 1790 and 1800 either in Frederick Co. or Culpeper Co., VA; and (2) Lettice Harrell, born about 1786 in Frederick Co., died after 1860 in probably Warren Co., OH.


There is an 1804 Frederick Co., VA marriage record that identifies Joseph Whitacre as the groom and Lettice Harrell as the bride, with Nathan Harrell as the bondsman. It is speculated that the bondsman is Nathan Harrell 1763, and not his son “Nathan” (i.e., Happy Creek John’s grandson), because his son “Nathan” is believed to have died shortly after 1790. Since a bondsman is usually related to either the groom or bride, Lettice could be Nathan Harrell’s sister or his daughter. Lettice is probably not his sister because the approximate age difference between her and Nathan is believed to be too large (viz., about 23 years).

This marriage in 1804 raises the question of whether Nathan 1763 could have been in Frederick Co., VA around 1804 in order to provide bond for this marriage. Possible answers to this question include: (a) Nathan Harrell, the bondsman, may not be Nathan 1763; (b) Nathan 1763 may have somehow posted the bond while in OH and not attended; (c) he could have traveled from OH to Frederick Co to attend the 1804 wedding and posted the bond about that time; or (d) Nathan 1763 did not arrive in OH with his family until after the marriage.

Possibility (a): Based on strong circumstantial evidence (including the belief that Lettice is the daughter of Nathan 1763), the only person who could have been the bondsman for this marriage is Nathan Harrell 1763.

Possibility (b): A person very familiar with early Virginia marriages and land transfers (especially related to legal issues) commented as follows: “Bonds are usually obtained close to the time of the marriage. I have never heard of one being obtained in advance.” This statement was directed at whether Nathan Harrell could have arranged for the bond before he left for OH a few years before the 1804 marriage, or whether Nathan arranged for the bond while in OH before the 1804 marriage.

Possibility (c): It is possible that Nathan could have traveled to Frederick Co., VA from OH to place bond and attend the marriage – but this trip would have been difficult and it makes little sense to leave OH while there was so much work to do preparing living space and securing food for his young family.

Possibility (d): The answer that seems most probable is that Nathan Harrell 1763 had not left Frederick Co., VA for OH before the 1804 marriage. It was pointed out earlier that Nathan 1763 must have arrived in OH between 1800 (birth of his daughter Rachel in VA) and 1815 (marriage in Warren Co., OH of his son John). The only record found thus far that identifies a specific year of Nathan’s arrival in OH is an obscure obituary on the death of Nathan Harrell, son of Nathan 1763, wherein it was stated “ . . . one of the old pioneers, in the 84 year of his age. Funeral from his late residence 175 Dayton St. Monday afternoon at 2 O’clock. Burial private. BORN 1798 CAME TO OHIO IN 1806.” Without a copy of the 1804 marriage bond document, and without solid proof that Nathan Harrell 1763 arrived in OH before 1804, this obscure obituary serves as proof that Nathan Harrell 1763 arrived in OH after the 1804 marriage.

No documented proof of Lettice’s birth or death has been found but the 1850 census for Salem, Warren Co., OH shows Letitia Whitacre (mother, widowed) as 64 years old which means she was born about 1786. Being married to Joseph Whitacre in 1804 puts her age at marriage at about 18.

There is an record that reports the death of Lettice Harrell as being April 23, 1882 in Harlan, Warren Co., OH. No proof was provided so this remains speculation.

Joseph Whitacre is the son of George Whitacre and Ruth Wilson. Joseph Whitacre was born 1778 in Loudoun Co., VA, and died between 1840 – 1850 in Warren Co., OH. The 7 children of Lettice/Letitia Harrell and Joseph Whitacre are: (1) Alfred H. Whitacre, b. 1805 Loudoun Co., VA, d. 1881 Warren Co., OH; (2) John J., b. 1807 Loudoun Co., VA, d. 1880 Effingham Co., IL; (3) George J., b. 1811 Warren Co., OH, d. 1882 Warren Co., OH; (4) Benjamin J., b. 1814 Warren Co., OH, d. 1876 Shelby Co., IL; (5) Sarah, b. abt. 1817 Warren Co., OH, d. aft 1870 probably Warren Co., OH; (6) Joseph J., b. abt. 1819 Warren Co., OH, d. aft. 1860; (7) Aquilla L., b. 1827 Warren Co., OH, d. 1903 Shelby Co., IN.

Sometime after their 1804 marriage, Lettice and Joseph Whitacre moved from Frederick Co. to Loudoun Co., VA living at/near where Joseph’s mother Eve Hortzclaw owned property (viz., on Goose Creek). Sometime before 1811 (the year of birth of their first child born in Warren Co., OH) they moved to Warren Co., OH where they lived near Nathan Harrell 1763.



John Harrell was born about 1791 in either Frederick Co., VA or Culpeper Co., VA and died 1824 in Warren Co., OH. He married Elizabeth Lind, daughter of George Lind, on 21 November 1815, Warren Co., OH. Elizabeth was born abt. 1792, Shenandoah Co., VA and died 1873, IL according to the Beers book/article. Their 6 children are (1) Matilda, b. 1817 Morrow, Warren Co., OH, d. 1884 Morrow, Warren Co., OH; (2) Mary Ann (twin), b. 1819 Leesburg, Loudoun Co., VA, d. 1858 Mount Vernon, Knox Co., OH; (3) George (twin), b. 1819 Leesburg, Loudoun Co., VA; (4) James M., b. abt 1821 Warren Co., OH, d. 1843 Warren Co., OH; (5) Elizabeth, b. unknown; (6) John Harvey, b. 1822, Fredericksburg, Warren Co., OH, d. 1884 South Lebanon, Warren Co., OH.

Following the death of her husband, Elizabeth Harrell Lind appears not to have remarried. Elizabeth is shown in the 1840, 1850 and 1860 census as living with her daughter Matilda Pierson in Morrow, Warren Co., OH. No record of Elizabeth after 1860, and no proof of her moving to IL have been found, in spite of her being reported in Beers’ book as to have died in IL at 102 years old.


George Harrell was born 1795 in VA and died 1865 in Warren Co., OH. He married Sarah Jennings, daughter of Cyrenius Jennings and Mary Cuber, in Warren Co., OH on 18 May 1830. Sarah was born 24 December 1798 in Ohio Territory, and died 26 November 1884 in Morrow, Warren Co., OH. Their 4 children are: (1) Elmira, b. 1831, Warren Co., OH, d. 1863 Warren Co., OH; (2) Nathan, b. 1833 Warren Co., OH, d. 1911 Warren Co., OH; (3) Mary Ann, b. 1836 Warren Co., OH, d. 1922, Lebanon, Warren Co., OH; (4) Cyrenus J., b. 1839 Warren Co., OH, d. 1892, Salem, Warren Co., OH, Unmarried.

The only Y-DNA donor from this Harrell family headed by EKA Nathan Harrell descends from George Harrell as follows:

George b. 1795 > Nathan b. 1833 > Francis b. 1861 > Rollie Sr. b. 1885 > Rollie b. 1912, d. 1978 whose brother is Charles “William” b. 1914 > Charles Clifford d. 1998 > DNA donor (living).


Nathan Harrell (Jr.) was born 1798 in Frederick Co, VA and died 1882 in Cincinnati, OH. He married Charlotte McCenna, daughter of Robert McCenna and Elizabeth, in Warren Co., OH about 1825. Charlotte was born in Ireland in 1802 and died 1880 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. Their 6 children are: (1) Joseph Clark, b. 1826 Warren Co., OH, d. 1896 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, Unmarried; (2) Elmore W., b. 1828 Warren Co., OH, d. 1861 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, Unmarried; (3) Byron, b. 1831 Warren Co., OH, d. 1859 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, Unmarried; (4) George W., b. 1839 Warren Co., OH, d. 1869 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, Unmarried; (5) Elizabeth, b. 1836, Hamilton Co., OH, d. 1880 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Unmarried; (6) Louisa A., b. 1840 Hamilton Co., OH, d. 1920 Hamilton Co., OH.


Rachel was probably born in Frederick Co., VA but no proof is offered other than the observation that all census information shows Rachel being born in VA, not OH. She was born on August 7, 1800 and died 1887 in Warren Co., OH. There is no record of a marriage.

In the 1850 Union Twp., Warren Co., OH census she (Rachel Herreld) is living with the Henry Harnes/Hayner family, next door to her brother George Harrell and family. In 1860 she is living as a “boarder” in the Henry Hayner household. In 1870 she is listed as “infirm” living in the Henry Hayner household. In the 1880 census, she is listed under Rachael Hareff, 79 years old, mother-in-law, again living with the Hayner family.

Rachel is buried in the Morrow Cemetery in Warren Co., OH. In this cemetery there is a large 4-sided monument marking the graves of 6 people: (1) side 1 is Henry Hayner d. 1884 and his wife Emily d. 1912; (2) side 2 is William Hayner 1853-1939 who is son of Henry and Emily; (3) side 3 is George Hayner d. 1867 age 19 and Anna d. 1856 age 9, both children of Henry and Emily; (4) side 4 is Rachael, her age and death year 1887. It has been reported by at least one descendant of Nathan 1763 that the word “grandma” was placed next to Rachel’s name in some part of the Hayner’s cemetery plot, but one viewer at this gravesite could not find this word on the 4-sided monument.

The information about Rachel raises the following questions:

  1. What relationship existed between Rachel and the Hayner family?
  2. What is the source of the story of Rachel being cited as “grandma” in the Morrow Cemetery?

Question #1: Rachel could be the mother of Emily Hayner, wife of Henry Hayner. Consider the following information: (a) “Emily Harrell Hayner” is displayed on the same headstone with Rachel Harrell; (b) Rachel “Hareff” is listed as “mother-in-law” in the household of Henry and Emily Hayner on the 1880 census; (c) Census info shows Rachel living with the Hayner family 1850-1880; (d) Find-A-Grave Memorial #136854541 lists the father of Emily being a John Harrell – but there is no source given and there is no record of John Harrell, son of Nathan Harrell 1763, being the father (although this John Harrell did have a daughter Elizabeth “Lida” Harrell born 1822).

Deepening this mystery is the 1820 Union Twp., Warren Co., OH census where it is shown in the household of “N Hurrell” (believed to be Nathan 1763), 1 female 16-25 years old (believed to be Rachel), and 2 females under 10. One of these females under 10 could be Emily who was born about 1822 (from census info). Circumstantial evidence suggests Rachel Harrell could be the mother of Emily.

Question #2: Perhaps the word “grandma” appears on a Hayner headstone located near the Hayner monument. This has not been verified.

A more complete listing of known descendants of EKA Nathan Harrell 1763 is provided through the first 3 generations (i.e., Nathan Harrell, his children, and grandchildren).

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