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The Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA) of Family #12 is Moses Harrell b. abt. 1803 KY (henceforth, a birth year of 1803 will be assumed), d. July 31, 1880 Wabash Co., IN. Moses 1803 married Francis Scott on 15 June 1823 in Fayette Co., IN; the marriage was performed by Minister John Conner. Francis Scott was born abt. 1801 in Grainger Co., TN and died March 23, 1866 Wabash Co., IN; her parents were Charles B. Scott and March Whitlock. Francis Scott’s sister is Rebecca Scott who married Moses Harrell, b. 1802 Nelson Co., KY, in 1821 in Brookville, Franklin Co., IN. Moses Harrell 1802 is a known son of Noah Harrell b. 1766 who, in turn, is a son of Moses Harrell Sr. who died in Nelson Co., KY.

Since leaving KY, arriving and establishing residence in Indiana, and eventually moving to Wabash Co., IN, both Moses 1803 and Moses 1802 lived relatively close to each other. They both married in adjacent counties in Indiana, and both lived in Wabash Co. before Moses 1802 moved to Huntington Co., IN in 1838. Moses 1802 died in Wayne, Huntington Co., IN in 1890 (Huntington Co. adjoins Wabash Co.). The first 2 known sons of Moses 1803 were named Jesse D. b. abt 1825 and Philip b. abt 1829; the first son of Moses 1802 was named Jesse D. b. abt 1822. Instinctively, these similarities between Moses 1802 and Moses 1803 suggests they are closely related but nobody has convincingly identified their relationship. Having said this, one living person has reported without proof that their relationship is “uncle/nephew” – a claim that seems possible as explained later in this narrative.

As discussed below, the father of Moses Harrell 1803 is speculated to be James Harrell Jr., son of James Harrell Sr. who died in Nelson Co., KY between 1800 and 1810. This James Harrell Jr. is also speculated to be the father of Gabriel Harrell and grandfather to Gabriel’s son Jacob Harrell 1818 as discussed in Family#10. As discussed in Family#5, it is speculated that James Harrell Jr. is living with his mother Margery Harrell who is listed as head of household in the 1810 Nelson Co., KY census. In this census, a male born 1803 is also living with Margery Harrell and it is speculated that Moses 1803 is this male and son of James Harrell Jr.

It has been speculated by some that Moses Harrell 1803 could be a son of John Harrell and Abigail Weakly of Shelby Co., IN – this John Harrell being a son of William and Susannah Chester Harrell discussed in Family#5. But no credible evidence thus far has been found indicating John/Abigail had a son named “Moses”, so this possibility has been eliminated.

The primary sources of information about Moses 1803 and his family were obtained from census records and marriage/death certificates, together with Find-A-Grave postings. It has been speculated that Moses 1803 and his spouse Francis Scott Harrell might have had sons John (born first) and Charles but no proof has been found. There is documentation, however, showing John and Charles as sons of Moses 1802; this documentation being an 1846 record of Moses 1802 granting 40 acres of land in Wabash Co. to each of his sons – Jesse, Charles, and John.
Moses Harrell 1803 and his children can be found in the following Fayette and Wabash Co., IN census records:

  • 1830 Fayette Co., IN;
  • 1840 Liberty, Wabash Co., IN;
  • 1850 Lagro, Wabash Co., IN;
  • 1860 Lagro, Wabash Co., IN;
  • 1870 Lagro, Wabash Co., IN living with son “J. D. Herald”;
  • 1880 Noble, Wabash Co., IN where Mosses Hurl is listed with Mary M. Hurl.

From Indiana census records 1850 thru 1880, the names of Moses’ children are identified below. Note: The first child listed below, Jesse Daniel Harrell, was never identified in any census as a child of Moses 1803; his identity was inferred from census information showing him living very close to Moses 1803. Also, as confirmed in the 1830 Fayette Co., IN census and the 1840 Liberty, Wabash Co., IN census, it is believed that there was an additional unknown son born to Moses 1803 and spouse Francis before the birth of Jesse Daniel. The children of Moses 1803 and Francis are:

  1. Jesse Daniel Harrell b. abt. 1825 probably Fayette Co., IN, d. 1885, Dora, Wabash Co., IN; farmer in 1850 and 1860, and as shoemaker in 1870 and 1880; m. (1) 1848 in Huntington Co., IN to Mary D. Webb, (2) 1858 in Indiana to Margaret Bennett Cook;
  2. Phillip M. Harrell b. 1829 Fayette Co., IN, d. 1864 Libby Confederate Prison, VA; m. Julia Ann Pope in 1851;
  3. Tabitha Harrell b. 1831 Fayette Co., IN, d. aft. 1880 IN; m. Henry I. Parrett in unknown;
  4. Amaziah Harrell b. 1833 Fayette Co., IN, d. 1908 IN, d. 1908 Gas City, Grant Co., IN; married 3 times;
  5. Delila Harrell b. 1835 Fayette Co., IN, d. 1915 Wabash Co., IN; m. 1857 in Wabash Co., IN to James T. Webb;
  6. Charlotte Harrell b. 1842 Fayette Co., IN, d. 1917 MI; married 3 times;
  7. Rebecca Harrell b. 1843 Fayette Co., IN, d. 1913 IN; m. (1) David/Daniel Grimes in 1842, (2) Joel F. Grimes in 1852;
  8. Anna Harrell b. 1844 Fayette Co., IN, d. 1900; m. 1864 Wabash Co., IN to Philip Hurley.

To provide further separation between Moses 1803 and Moses 1802, the known children of Moses 1802 are as follows (all born Fayette Co. IN):

  1. Jesse D. Harrell b. abt. 1822, d. 1879, m. Electa Matheus in Fayette Co., IN in 1841. They had at least 12 children: their sons are in order of their births (a) Jonathan b. 1850, Charles R. b. 1852, Alexander b. 1857, Jesse D. b. 1857;
  2. Charles (B?) Harrell b. 9 October 1822, d. 1899, m. Jane Scott in Wabash Co., IN in 1845;
  3. John (F.?) Harrell b. 1824, d. 1901, m. Rebecca Stevens in Wabash Co., IN in 1842;
  4. Nancy Harrell b. 1828, d. 1908, m. Daniel Denton in Huntington Co., IN in 1847;
  5. Susan Harrell b. 1828, d. 1865, m. Moses “Mose” Ervin in Huntington Co., IN in 1852;
  6. Elizabeth “Betsy” Harrell b. 1830, d. 1911, m. George Coon in Huntington Co., IN in 1848;
  7. Levi Harrell b. 1832, d. 1902, m. Catherine Shaver in Wabash Co., IN in 1851;
  8. Abigail Harrell b. November 18, 1832 Huntington Co., IN (or b. 1833 in Fayette Co., IN), d. September 14, 1905 Marion, Grant Co., IN (or d. Urbana, Wabash Co., IN), m. William A. Knick in Huntington Co., IN in 1851;
  9. Jonathan Harrell b. 1840, d. 1909, m. (1) Delilah Rudicel in Wabash Co., IN on May 8, 1861, (2) to Mary Watson

1830 Fayette Co., IN Census

There are 2 census records involving a “Moses Harnett” and a “Moses Harrell”. “Moses Harnett” is Moses 1803 who has 2 males under 5 (born 1826-1830), 1 male 5 thru 9 (b. 1821-1825), 1 male 20 thru 29 (b. 1801-1810), and 1 female 20 thru 29. The 2 males under 5 are believed to be Jesse Daniel and Philip; the 1 male 5-9 is an unidentified son, born before Jesse Daniel. The other 1830 Fayette Co. census record lists “Moses Harrell” who is Moses 1802 with 3 males 5 thru 9 (Jesse, Charles, John), 1 male 20 thru 29 (Moses 1802), 2 females under 5 (Nancy, Elizabeth), and 1 female 20 thru 29 (Rebecca Scott Harrell).

1840 Liberty Township, Wabash Co., IN Census

There is only 1 census record in 1840 for Moses Harrell 1803 in Wabash Co., IN and that is in Liberty Township listed under “Mosses Harrell”. In this census there is 1 male 5 thru 9 (Amaziah), 2 males 10 thru 14 (Philip, unknown), 1 male 15 thru 19 (Jesse Daniel), 1 male 20 thru 29 (unknown), 1 male 30 thru 39 (Moses 1803), 1 female under 5 (Delila), 1 female 5 thru 9 (Tabitha), 1 female 30 thru 39 (Frances), 1 female 50 thru 59 (unknown). The unknown male 20 thru 29 is the same unknown shown in the 1830 Fayette census for Moses 1803. The identity of the other male 10 thru 14 (born 1826-1830) is unknown. The female 50 thru 59 (b. 1781-1790) is also unknown. This “Mosses” Harrell could not be Moses 1802 because the known children of Moses 1802 do not match.

The 1850 Wabash Co., IN census records show Moses 1803 and 2 different individuals each named Jesse D. Harrel; one of them lived in Lagro Township, the other lived in Liberty Township.

1850 Lagro Township

Jesse D. Harrel 25 farmer with spouse Mary D. Harrel b. OH, age 20 with 1 male child Francis Harrel, 3/12 age. Living next door are Moses 50 and Francis Harrell 49 with children Philip 21, Tabitha 19, Amaziah 17, Delila 13, Charlotte 10, Rebecca 8, Ann 6. This Jesse D. Harrel is believed to be a son of Moses 1803.

1850 Liberty Township

Jesse D. Harrel 28 farmer, spouse Electa Harrell b. NY, age 28 with 3 female children (Clarissa, Rebecca, Elizabeth) and 1 son (Jonathan). The father of this Jesse D. Harrel of Liberty Township is Moses 1802 who is no longer living in Wabash Co.

The 1860 Wabash Co. census records also show Moses 1803 and a “Jesse D. Harrell” living in Lagro Township, and “Jesse D. Herrald” living in Liberty Township as heads of households.

1860 Lagro Township

Jesse D. Harrell 34 farmer with Margaret Harrell b. OH, age 32, housewife, with 1 male child Frank Harrell 10. Living next door is Moses Harrell 1803, age 57, b. KY with spouse “Frank” (sic) Harrell age 54 b. TN. It is believed this Jesse D. Harrell is the same person as Jesse D. Harrel in the 1850 Lagro census, and son of Moses 1803. As discussed below, there is a Wabash Co. document showing an 1858 marriage between Jesse D. Herrell and Margaret Cook – this explains why the spouse of Jesse D. Harrell in the 1860 Lagro census is named “Margaret”.

1860 Liberty Township

Jesse D. Herrald 38 farmer with spouse Electa Herrald b. NY, age 37, with 6 female children and 3 sons. This Jesse D. Herrald matches the Jesse D. Harrel in the 1850 Liberty Township census and is the son of Moses 1802.

1870 Lagro Township

There are 3 different heads of households living in Lagro with ties to Moses 1803.

  1. D. (Daniel) Harell 43 b. abt. 1827 IN, Shoe Maker, with spouse M. (Mary/Martha Webb) Harell 43 b. abt 1827 OH with children (a) E. (Enoch Charles) Harell 18, b. abt 1852, (b) W. (William Drake) Harell 15, b. abt. 1855, (c) L. (LilleBelle) Harell 9, b. abt 1861, and (d) A. (Alice) Harell 5, b. 1875. (Note – given names in parenthesis were provided by a descendant of Jesse D. Harrell, son of Moses 1803; but the spouse’s name “Mary/Martha Webb” is incorrect as explained below under COMMENTS).
  2. J. D. Herold 45 b. abt 1825 IN, Shoe Maker with spouse M. Herrald 43 b. abt 1827 OH with children J. Herald (male) 8, T. Herald (male) 10/12 and M. Herald 67 b. KY. It is believed M. Herald 67 is Moses Harrell 1803 and, if so, J. D. Herold is Jesse D. Harrell, son of Moses 1803. This J. D. Herold also lived a few houses from where “F. Herald 66” was living with the family headed by “J. Heacock” – this “F. Herald 66” is believed to be Francis Harrell, spouse of Moses 1803. For unknown reasons it appears as though Moses 1803 and his spouse Frances were physically separated.
  3. J. Herald 57 b. abt 1813 IN, farmer with spouse M. Herald 48 b. abt. 1822 OH with children T. Herald 20, M. Herald 16, M Herald 14, M. Herald 14.

1870 Liberty Township

There are three 1870 Liberty Township census records that relate to known sons of Moses Harrell 1802: (1) Jesse Harrell b. abt. 1822, spouse Electa with 6 children; (2) Charles Harrell b. abt 1828, spouse Jane with 6 children; and (3) Levi Herald b. abt. 1831, spouse Catharine with 7 children.

There are 2 additional census records in Liberty: (1) John Herald b. abt. 1838 IN, spouse Nancy Herald b. abt. 1844 IN with 1 son Frank Herald; and (2) James Herald b. abt. 1815 OH, spouse Margaret b. abt. 1820 OH with 9 children. The James Herald 1815 is believed to be the son of John Harrell, spouse Abigail Weakly (who is the son of William/Susannah Harrell of Nelson Co., KY who is the son of Moses Sr. who is son of Richard Harrell 1700 (discussed in Family#5). James Harrell 1815 (also discussed in Family#5) can be seen in the 1820 (Herrold, Flat Rock, Delaware, IN) and 1830 (Herrald, Blue River, Johnson Co., IN) census records with his father John Harrell as head of household. John Herald b. 1838 is the son of this James Herald 1815; he married in 1866 Nancy Jane Leach b. 1844 and had a son Franklin b. 1869, and daughter Alice Louise Harrell 1875. . More information about James Harrell/Herald 1815 and his son John can be found at this link on

1880 Dora Township

This census lists Jesse Harrell 55, b. abt 1825, IN, Widow, Shoe Maker with sons John H. Harrell 19 and Thomas Harrell 10. It is believed this Jesse Harrell 55 is the same person as J. D. Herold 45 in the 1870 Lagro census with son John H. Harrell 19 being the same person as “J. Herald 8” and son Thomas Harrell 10 being “T. Herald 10/12”.

1880 Noble Township

This census lists Mosses Hurl, married, 76 years old, born KY, with sickness “Dropsy”, listed together with Mary M. Hurl, married, 47 years old, born OH. Both Mosses and Mary are listed as being “Inmates of County Infirmary” and were listed along with many other “inmates”. From a Find-A-Grave posting, Memorial#32628414, Moses 1803 was born KY and died July 31, 1880 at age 76 in Wabash Co., IN. He was buried in the County Farm Cemetery in Wabash County. From “Indiana Marriage Collection”, 1800-1941, Wabash County, it states Moses Harrell married Mary Jones on April 26, 1876

Comments About the Census Records Listed Above

For many years some thought “D. Harell” in the 1870 Lagro census was Jesse D. (Daniel) Harrell, son of Moses 1803. This belief was based on the official death certificate of Daniel’s son William Drake Harrell which stated his mother’s maiden name was “Martha Webb” and the father was Daniel Harrell. The informant for the death certificate was Fred Harrell who was the son of William Drake Harrell. Based on information in the death certificate coupled with knowledge that Jesse D. Harrell married “Mary D. Webb” in 1848, it was assumed by others that “Martha Webb” in the death certificate was the same person as “Mary D. Harrel” in the 1850 census. With this assumption, it was logical to conclude that “Daniel Harrell” in the death certificate was the same person as “Jesse D. Harrel” in the 1850 Lagro census (above). Unfortunately, as explained below, this assumption was incorrect and Martha Webb was not the same person as Mary D. Webb.

Some also believed that Mary D. (Webb) Harrel born OH, listed in the 1850 Lagro census with spouse Jesse D. Harrel, was the same person as “Margaret” Harrell 32 born OH listed as spouse of Jesse D. Harrell in the 1860 Lagro census. But, once again, these two spouses are not the same person as confirmed by a marriage certificate showing an Indiana marriage between “Jesse D. Herrell” and Margaret Cook on 23 April 1858. There is also a death certificate of John Henry Harrell on December 25, 1928 showing his parents as Jesse Harrell of Indiana and “Margaret Bennett” (her maiden name) of Indiana.

Since the death of Mary D. Webb, first wife of Jesse D. Harrell, is not documented, this 1858 marriage certificate is strong evidence that Mary D. Webb died before Jesse D. Harrell married Martha Bennett Cook on April 23, 1858. There are several Ancestry postings of Margaret Bennett/Margaret Bennett Cook showing her death date as May 23, 1878. This death date of Margaret Bennett Cook fits the 1880 Dora Township census above showing Jesse Harrell 55 was a widow in 1880.

This Find-A-Grave webpage was produced by a descendant of D. (Daniel) Harrell 1827 and reflects an earlier belief that Mary D. Webb is the same person as “Martha Webb” who was identified in the death certificate of William Drake Harrell as his mother; the father being “Daniel Harrell”. This website incorrectly identifies “Mary/Martha D. Webb Harrell” as the spouse of “(Jesse) Daniel Harrell”. Although evidence is lacking, it is believed Mary D. Webb, first spouse of Jesse D. Harrell, died before Jesse D. Harrell married Margaret Bennett Cook on April 23, 1858.

According to the 1850 Lagro census, “Mary D. Harrel” (nee Mary D. Webb) and “Jesse D. Harrel” had one son born in 1850, listed as “Francis” and being less than 1 year old. Ten years later in the 1860 Lagro census, “Jesse D. Harrell” was married to “Margaret Harrell” (nee Margaret Bennett Cook) with only 1 son, “Frank Harrell” 10 years old. These census records prove only one child was born to Jesse D. Harrell from 1850 to 1860. If D. (Daniel) Harell in the 1870 Lagro census is Jesse D. Harrell as listed in the 1850 and 1860 census records, then Daniel’s children Enoch, b. 1852 and William b. 1855 could not have been born to Jesse D. Harrell and Mary D. Webb Harrell. This is proof that D. Harell (assumed to be Daniel Harell) listed in the 1870 Lagro census is not Jesse D. Harrell (son of Moses 1803), and Daniel Harell’s spouse “M” Harell is not Mary D. Webb Harrell or Margaret Bennett Cook Harrell.

“J. D. Herold” in the 1870 Lagro census is believed to be the same person as Jesse D. Harrell in the 1850 and 1860 Lagro census records. The ages of the adults spouse match what is known about Jesse D. Harrell; and son “J. Herald 8” matches the aforementioned death certificate of John Henry Harrell, b. June 3, 1861, d. December 25, 1926 whose parents are “Jesse Harrell and Margaret Bennett”. In addition, living with Moses Harrell 1803 and being located so close to where his mother “F. Herald” is living (with “J. Heacock”) provides convincing evidence that “J. D. Herold” is Jesse D. Harrell, son of Moses 1803.

In the 1870 Lagro census, it is believed that J. Herald 57 b. abt 1813 IN, farmer with spouse M. Herald 48 b. abt. 1822 OH with children T. Herald 20, M. Herald 16, M Herald 14, M. Herald 14, is Jacob Harrell 1818 who is the EKA of Family#10. The birth year for Jacob 1818 in this 1870 census is different than shown in Family#10 but the children’s names and ages match. Specifically, the 1860 Lagro Township, Wabash Co., IN census shows the following people living in the household headed by Jacob Harrell 41 born IN farmer:

  • Mary A. 39 OH
  • Daniel 16 IN
  • Frank M. 13 IN
  • Thomas 11 IN
  • Mary E. 6 IN
  • Matilda J. and Martha, both female, 3, twins, IN

It is noted that this particular 1860 census is incorrect in that the female twins are actually fraternal, and Matilda J. is actually “Matthew J.” or “James Matthew” as he was identified in most documents.

The children listed with J. Herald 57 in 1870 Lagro match these children of Jacob 1818 (Family#10) as listed above in the 1860 Lagro census. The matches are as follows: “T. Herald 20” is (Phillip) Thomas Harrell 11, “M. Herald 16” is Mary E. (Etta) 6, “M. Herald 14” and “M. Herald 14” are the twins Matthew James 3 and Martha (J) 3.

The “Jesse Harrell” 55, widow, in the 1880 Dora Township, Wabash Co., IN census is the same person as Jesse D. Harrell in the 1850 and 1860 Lagro census records, and the same person as J. D. Herold in the 1870 Lagro census record. This same person is the son of Moses 1803. In 1878, his second wife Margaret Bennett Cook Harrell died.

Who is Daniel Harrell in the 1870 Largo Census?

Consider this possible scenario. In the 1820 census, Gabriel had 3 sons all born 1811 – 1820; Jacob 1818 was one of them. Let’s assume James was another son b. 1811, and the 3rd son is unknown. In the 1830 census, Gabriel had 4 sons: 2 of them born 1821-1825, the other 2 sons born 1816-1820 with Jacob 1818 being one of them – James 1811 was not in the family because he was about 19 and perhaps married. The 1830 census showed 2 sons born 1821-1825; Daniel 1825 is one of these sons and the other is John 1822. In this scenario Gabriel’s first wife would be the mother of the 3 sons listed in the 1820 census (viz., James 1811, Jacob 1818, unknown), and Rachael Toombs Harrell, Gabriel’s second wife, would be the mother of Daniel 1825 and John 1822 listed in the 1830 census. Rachel married Gabriel in 1825, the same year Daniel was born under this scenario.

In the 1820 census, there also was a female b. 1805-1810; in the 1830 census there was a female living with Gabriel/Rachel who was born 1811 thru 1815. It’s possible that the one female born 1810/1811 could fit both census records depending on the enumeration dates.

The following is stated in the narrative for Family#10:

“In the 1840 Decatur Co., IN census it shows Rachel “Herrall” (widow of Gabriel) as head of household living with 1 male 15-under 20 years old (born 1821-1825) and 2 males 20-under 30 (born 1810-1820); Rachel was born 1781-1790. The census records do not indicate Gabriel owning any slaves.

Records show Gabriel 1789 married Rachel Toombs on 20 May 1825 in Decatur Co., IN. Rachel was the second spouse of Gabriel. Gabriel’s first wife may have been “Sarah” b. abt. 1795 IN, d. bef. 1820 but the source of this info has not been confirmed and caution is advised.

From Gabriel’s 1839 probate records, there were 3 male Harrells who purchased Gabriel’s appraised assets: Jacob, John and James. In subsequent probate declarations dealing with the estate’s final distribution, these 3 Harrells were identified as Gabriel’s sons.

Earlier records show Rachel Bridges married Conrad Tomes/Tombs/Toombs (both “natives of Pennsylvania”) about 1811 and they had 2 or 3 children; one was Joseph Tomes who eventually moved to Rush Co., IN, and another child was Sarah or Sally Ann Tombs b. 1812 OH who married Moses Crume in Decatur Co. in 1831. Conrad Toombs died about 1818 in Dearborn, IN. Moses and Sally Ann Tombs Crume had children Joseph H. A. Crume b. 1834 and William A. Crume b. 1835. In the 1850 Lagro, Wabash Co., IN census (after Gabriel had died), it shows head of household Moses A. Crume 42 with spouse Sarah A. Crume 38 and living with them were their children Joseph Crume 17 and William A. Crume 15; also living with them was Rachel Herald 67 who was born PA. Living next door was Jacob Harrell 1818 and his spouse Mary Creamer Harrell. Sarah A. Crume must have died after 1850 as her widowed husband Moses A. Crume married Sarah’s sister Mary Ann (married name Rencker) in 1853. Moses A. Crume married again in 1858, for the third time, to Rachel Taylor in Wabash Co., IN.”

This information shows that it is possible Daniel Harrell 1825 and John Harrell 1822 were living with their mother Rachel in the 1840 Decatur Co. census along with Jacob 1818 and Gabriel’s unidentified son.

In this scenario, it was speculated the birth date of Gabriel’s son “John” was 1822. In the 1850 Clinton Township, Decatur Co., IN census there is listed a John H. Harrell, age 28, b. abt. 1822, listed as head of household with spouse “Sarah” age 31 years old, b. abt. 1819. In addition to John H. Harrell and spouse Sara, also listed in this census were their children and Elizabeth Harrell age 52 (born abt. 1798). This John 1822 is believed to be Gabriel’s son and matches Gabriel’s census information presented in 1820 and 1830.

Explaining Elizabeth Harrell 1798 requires more thought as little is known about her. Gabriel does not show a spouse in the 1820 Dearborn Co., IN census, and he married Rachel Toombs in 1825. If it is assumed Gabriel’s first wife had died before 1820, Elizabeth 1798 could not be the mother of Gabriel’s children because she was alive in 1850.

Without solid evidence, it is speculated that Elizabeth Harrell 1798 could be a daughter of James Harrell Jr., son of James Harrell Sr. who is son of Richard Harrell 1700. It is believed this James Harrell Jr. is “James Harroe” as listed in the 1820 Laughery, Dearborn Co., IN census with 11 total inhabitants: 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 45 and over (b. bef. 1775), 3 females under 10, 2 females 16-25, 1 female 45 and over. Elizabeth Harrell 1798 is speculated to be one of 2 females 16-25 in this 1820 census. (Note: Ancestry mistakenly lists this James “Harroe” in 1820 as having 9 slaves – inspection of the actual census page proves he had no slaves). Since Gabriel Harrell is speculated to be a son of James Harrell Jr., Elizabeth Harrell 1798 would be Gabriel’s sister and John Harrell 1822 would be Elizabeth Harrell’s nephew.

This speculation about Elizabeth Harrell 1798 is at odds with the 1810 Nelson Co., KY census where it was speculated that James Harrell Jr. had lived with his mother Margery Harrell who was head of household. This census shows 3 males under 10 years old, 2 males 10 thru 15, 1 male 16 thru 25, and 1 male 45 and over (born bef. 1765) who is believed to be James Harrell Jr. There was also 1 female under 10, 1 female 16 thru 25, and 1 female over 45 who is thought to be “Margery” Harrell. It is speculated that the spouse of James Harrell Jr. had died before the 1810 census was taken. If Elizabeth Harrell was born abt 1798, as the 1850 Decatur Co. census suggests, she would not fit either of the females in this 1810 census (viz., b. 1801 to 1810, and b. 1785 thru 1794). This difference in birth years cannot be explained which suggests Elizabeth Harrell 1798 might not be a daughter of James Harrell Jr.

Admittedly, in this scenario it was assumed Daniel was born 1825 which does not exactly match the birth year of Daniel Harrell in the 1870 Lagro census (viz. Daniel born abt. 1827), but the fit is close. Another questionable issue in this scenario relates to Gabriel’s 1839 probate records which does not mention the unknown son b. 1811-1820 or Daniel 1825. Gabriel died intestate and it is not surprising that Daniel Harrell 1825 would not be mentioned in probate records because he would have been less than 14 years old. No reason is given for why the unknown son is not mentioned in the probate records.


Moses 1803 is speculated to be the son of James Harrell Jr and there is sufficient evidence to prove that Jesse D. Harrell is one of his sons. Moses Harrell 1803 and Moses Harrell 1802 lived in similar places in Fayette Co. and Wabash Co., IN and there is enough evidence to separate both of them and their children. All persons with the Harrell/Herrell/etc. surname have been accounted for in Wabash Co., IN and they all are related in some way. It has been stated based on oral history that the relationship between Moses 1802 and Moses 1803 could be “uncle and nephew”. This relationship can be proven if the speculation about Moses 1803 is correct. That is, the father of Moses 1803 is speculated to be James Harrell Jr. who is son of James Harrell Sr. who is son of Richard Harrell 1700; and the father of Moses 1802 is Noah Harrell, son of Moses Harrell Sr who is son of Richard Harrell 1700. James Harrell Sr. is brother of Moses Harrell Sr. and great uncle to Moses 1802. Moses Sr. is great uncle to Moses 1803. In this situation, it is not difficult to understand why the “uncle/nephew” relationship between Moses 1803 and Moses 1802 was believed by descendants and passed down through generations in oral history.

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