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Last Updated on 6 Apr 2021

There are now 14 different Harrell families that are blood related because they all have matching DNA profiles. We currently do not know how all of them link together. We found living descendants of these 14 families who took the DNA test. There exists a common Harrell ancestor/family that ties all 14 families together but we haven’t yet found this person/family. Understanding families and their early ancestors provides valuable clues about their common ancestor—we currently have ideas as to how some of these families link but hard proof remains elusive.

To summarize, there are 14 Harrell families who are blood related in some way. The only near-certain link is between Family #1 and Family #2: It is believed that William Harrell who died in Wythe Co. in 1822 is a brother to Reuben Harrell. It is also strongly felt that Family #1 is connected to Family #14 and the EKA of both families is William Harrell who died in Wythe Co. in 1822. Of a more speculative nature, it is believed that a very early family headed by Jacob Harrell b. c. 1715 is possibly the father of William Harrell d. 1822 (Family #1), Reuben Harrell b. abt 1750 (Family #2), perhaps Jacob Harrell b. abt 1761 (Family #4), perhaps John Harrell from Hawkins Co., TN d. 1826/27 (Family #3), and brother to Richard Harrell b. abt 1700 (Family #5).

Can you help?

Can you help provide a missing link? FamilyTreeDNA is doing most of the Harrell DNA testing and thus far there are over 300 Harrell DNA donors.


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