Southwest Virginia Soldiers of the Revolution

From Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800 by Lewis Preston Summers, Abingdon 1929, pp. 1379-1414, 1419-1425, adapted by C. Leon Harris

This list was obtained from the following sources:

  1. The Court records of Botetourt, Fincastle, Montgomery and Washington Counties
  2. The History of Southwest Virginia by Summers, Lewis Battle of Point Pleasant, Dunmore’s War, by Thwaites
  3. List of Revolutionary Soldiers, published by the Virginia State Library and compiled by H. J. Eckenrode
  4. Bound books of letters received from descendants of soldiers

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George AdamsCapt.Washington
John Adams1st. Lieut.Under Montgomery
Robert Adams
John Alcorn2nd Lieut.Under Montgomery
Jeremiah AlexanderBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Oliver AlexanderBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
William AlexanderBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Hugh (Big Mouth) Allen2nd Lieut.Bot. Co. Under Pryor.
Thomas AlleyKilled at Bufords Defeat
James AlexanderBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Moses Allen
Charles AllisonLieut.Kings Mtn.Washington
Archibald Alexander
Matthew AllisonCherokee Expedition
Charles Allison
Jacob AndersonKings Mountain
Joseph AndersonWounded while guarding prisoners from York to Winchester
John AlleyBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Andrew AldenBotetourt
James AlexanderSergeantBotetourt
Robert AllietEnsignBotetourt
Thomas AllsopContinental Line
Thomas AlsburyBotetourt
Matthew AmacksWounded at Guilford C. H.
John AndersonCaptainWashington
John AndersonLieutenantWashington
Andrew AmaskBotetourt
William AndersonKings Mountain
Matthew AmaskWounded Guilford C. H.
Andrew Armstrong1st Lieut.Under J. Neely, Jr.
John ArmstrongBotetourt
George Armstrong
Thomas ArmstrongBotetourt
William ArmstrongBotetourt
Adam ArboghartBotetourt
Thomas ArbuckleBotetourt
Jacob ArgubruteBotetourt
John ArthurBotetourt
Joel AshworthMontgomery
William AstonBotetourt
John AstonBotetourt
George AstonBotetourt
Charles AstonBotetourt
William Astin
George AsberryBowen’s Co.Kings Mountain
John AtkinsonBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Christopher AcklandProc. 1763Washington
John BallahBotetourt
Peter BannersCapt. Short’s Co. RegularsBotetourt
John Ballou
Benjamin Bailey1st Lieut.Under W. Bobbett
William BaileyBotetourt
Isham BaileyBotetourt
John BaileyContinental Line
John BairdCaptainBotetourt
John BailerCaptainBotetourt
Charles Barker
Edmund Barker
Edward Barker
Enoch Barker
Henry Barker
Joel Barker
Thomas BarkerContinental Line
Alexander BarnesCaptain
Alexander BarnettCaptainKings Mountain
James BarnettCapt.Co. RegularsBotetourt
William BartlettBotetourt
Evan BakerFincastle
Thomas BakerBotetourt
Martin BakerBotetourt
Samuel BakerBotetourt
Phillips BallardBotetourt
John BanksBotetourt
Edward BackerWashington
Thomas BarbeeCol.17th Va. Regiment
Philip BarrBotetourt
James Barnes
Henry BarnettMontgomery
Peter BatchelorBotetourt
John Bates
Christopher Bayles
John Bayles
Jessie Bayles
Patrick Beatty
William Beatty
James Beatty
Abraham Beavers
John BarkleyBotetourt
Robert BeaneKings Mountain
Richard BeardCapt.Va. Regt. Capt. Campbell’s Co.
Christopher BestBotetourt
David BeattieCaptainKings Mountain
Francis BeattieKings Mountain
John BeattieEnsignKilled Kings Mountain
William BeattieKings Mountain
Benoni BenningWounded three times Kings Mountain
Bradley Berry4th Va. RegimentDied in Service, Yellow Spring, Pa.
James BerryKings Mountain
James Berry
John BerryLieut.Kings Mountain
Thomas BerryWounded by Indians Sept. 4, 1776.
David Berry
William Berry
Robert Sr. BellMontgomery
Charles BickleyKings Mountain
William BirdMontgomery
Henry BishopMontgomery
Matthew BishopBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Joseph BlackLieut.Dysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Arthur BlackburnKings Mountain
John BlackburnKings Mountain
Joseph BlackburnKings Mountain
William BlackburnLieut.Killed; Kings Mountain
John BlackmoreKings Mountain
William BlackmoreEnsignKings Mountain
John Neal BlairBotetourt
Samuel Blair12th V. R. Sgt.Wounded. Died in serviceBotetourt
Thomas Blake
Jesse BlandMontgomery
David Blankenship
Anthony BledsoeMajor
Nathaniel BlountBotetourt
John BoonBotetourt
William BobbettOver part of Trigg’s Co.
John BollarCaptain
Jarrett Bolling
Bazil BoranKings Mountain
Arthur BowenCaptainKings Mountain
Arthur BowenEnsignKings Mountain
Charles BowenKings Mountain
William BowenWashington
Henry BorderRecruited by Matthew Rhea
Robert BowlesBotetourt
Jacob BowmanBotetourt
John BowmanBotetourt
Robert BoydBotetourt
James BoydBotetourt
Squire BoonBotetourt
Frederick BottMontgomery
Jeremiah BooneIllinois Expedition
Benjamin Boone
Henry BowenKings Mountain
John BowenKings MountainSon of Rees B.
Rees BowenLieut.Killed; Kings Mountain
Robert BowenKings Mountain
William BowenCaptainKings Mountain
Esaius BowmanKings Mountain
Barney BoylsSergeantBotetourt
William Boyd
Andrew BoydDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John BowyerLieut.Gilmore’s Co., Va. State MilitiaBotetourt
Jarrett Bowling
Moses Bowen
Abraham Bogard
Thomas BowyerOfficerin Continental Line
William BowyerLieut. Col.
Thomas BrownBotetourt
Alexander BreckenridgeCapt.Cont. LineKings MountainWashington
George BreckenridgeKings Mountain12 years oldWashington
John BreckenridgeKings Mtn.Wash..
Peter Brannan
Albertus BrightUnder Trigg
William BrooksBotetourt
Lewis BrownCaptain
Augustus BrownCapt. Bluggs’ Co. RegularsBotetourt
Low BrownMontgomery
Michael BrownKings Mountain
William BrocasContinental Line
Peter BrownEnsignUnder H. Patton
Samuel BrownLieut.Botetourt
Enas Browning
Enoch Brush
John BrumleyBotetourt
Levi BrushEnsign
John Bryson2nd Lieut.Under J. Henderson
James Bryant
William Bryant
Joseph Bryant
George Brook
John Bradley
James BrambridgeBotetourt
Daniel BradyGilmore’s Co. Va. St. LineBotetourt
Rice BrownLieut.Kings Mountain
William BrownBotetourt
Solomon BrundigeBotetourt
Augustine Broomless
William BradleyBotetourt
William BryansBotetourt
Samuel BurksBotetourt
James BurnsidesBotetourt
Robert BuchananCaptainKings Mountain
Samuel BuchananKings Mountain
John BuchananCaptainBattle Long Island Flats
William BuchananLieut.7th Va. Killed in actionWashington
Robert Sr. BuchananCapt.
William BucknerVirginia Line
William BullenPrivateWounded Kings MountainWashington
John BurkeCaptainBotetourt
William BurneyKings Mountain
James ByrnsCaptainWounded Whitsells Mill
William BuchananCaptainMontgomery
Andrew BuchananCaptain
Henry BuckhartWashington
Thomas BullittColonel
Francis Bundy
William Bundy
Thomas Bunvell
Marshall BurtonMontgomery
Jacob Bush
Jacob Bushong
Jacob ButtBotetourt
William Burke
John Burke
Thomas BurneyBotetourt
Matthew BurwellBotetourt
Alexander BreckenridgeCaptain
Robert BreckenridgeColonelBotetourt
Robert BreckenridgeWashington
James BreckenridgeBotetourt
Thomas BrumleyProclamation of 1763Washington
John BustardContinental LineBotetourt
Isaac BustardContinental LineBotetourt
John BuchananContinental LineBotetourt
Monshier BougawContinental LineBotetourt
Reuben ByrdGuilford C. H.Botetourt
Solomon CarpenterBotetourt
Jeremiah CarpenterBotetourt
Thomas CarpenterBotetourt
Thomas CanadyBotetourt
James CarltonBotetourt
William CalhounEnsignUnder Buchanan
Charles CampbellEnsignUnder Buchanan
David CampbellKings Mountain
John CampbellEnsignMorgan’s Company
John CampbellCommander Indian Spick, 1790-94
John CampbellCapt.Kings Mountain; Battle L. I. Flats
Robert CampbellEnsign.Wounded Long Island Kings Mountain
Patrick CampbellLieut.Kings Mountain
William CampbellColonelKings Mountain
William Jr CampbellCapt.Guilford C. H. , Kings Mountain
James CampbellGuilford C. H. ; Kings Mountain
William Carmack
John Jr. CampbellEnlisted at 18 years
Hugh CampbellKings Mountain
Samuel CampbellLieut.
William Campbell2nd Lieut.
Arthur CampbellLieut. Col.
Isaac CampbellGuilford C. H.Montgomery
John CampbellColonel
Robert M. CampbellSergeantGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
David CarsonKings Mountain
John Carson
Andrew CarswellKings Mountain
Henry CartmillLieut.Under J. Cartmill
John CartmillCaptainIn Logan’s Old Co.
Thomas CartmillCaptain
William CaseyEnsign
William Cavanaugh
Charles Cavanaugh
John Chapman2nd Lieut.
Martin CarneyBotetourt
Hugh CapertonBotetourt
Thomas CaldwellLieut.Kings Mountain
John CaldwellMorgan’s Co. in S. Car.
John CarpenterBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
William CalbertBotetourt
John CalbertBotetourt
John CamperBotetourt
William CanifaxBotetourt
Joseph CantuberryMontgomery
Edward CarbinBotetourt
Richard Carvin
John CarperMontgomery
John Carpenter
Zepher CarpenterDrummer
Joseph Carpenter
Richard Carr
Patrick CarriganBotetourt
Robert Carson
William C. Carson
Charles Carter
Dale Carter
William Carter
John CarlisleBotetourt
Robert CarlisleBotetourt
Benny Caywood
Peter CassadayBotetourt
James Calbert
John Carmack
George CaldwellGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Thomas Caldwell
Thomas Cole
William ColeKings Mountain
Thomas ColleyKings Mountain
Moses CollinEnsign
John CollinsBotetourt
Andrew ColvillCaptainKings Mountain
James ColvillColonelRev. Swords Infantry Cont.
Joseph Colvill
Abraham ComptonBotetourt
Adam CornwellBotetourt
Hugh ColeDied in Cont. Service
Hugh ColeBotetourt
John CoilerBotetourt
John CoulterLieutenantWashington
Moses CoilerSergeantBotetourt
William CochranBotetourt
William CollinsBotetourt
George CookBotetourt
Henry Cook2nd Va. Regt.
W.Y ConnNorth Carolina Militia
James CooperBotetourt
Peter CooperCapt. Bowyer’s Co.Killed at Siege of Ninety-six
John CopeCont. ArmySubstitute for Mathias Harman
Lawrence Conner8th V. R. Wallace CompanyWounded
James CorryEnsignKilled Kings Mountain
Andrew CowanKings Mountain
William CowanLieut.Kings Mountain
John CoxCapt. Wounded Whitsells MillKings Mountain
William CotterMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Zachary ColeMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Joseph ColvittsContinental Service(S C)
John CoulterLieut.
James ColeColonelBotetourt
William ConnerBotetourt
Samuel Conner
William CoffBotetourt
Augustine ComerMontgomery
John ComerMontgomery
Rueben ComptonMontgomery
James CookMontgomery
Zachariah CookBotetourt
Barnabas CooperBotetourt
Anthony CourtnerBotetourt
John CourtnerBotetourt
John CoxMontgomery
Patrick ConnerRecruited by Matthew Rhea
Lawrence ConnerWoundedBotetourt
James CrawleyBotetourt
Samuel CroleyBotetourt
Matthew CreedBotetourt
John CraigBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Aaron Crane
James Crane
John CrankProclamation 1763Washington
John CrawfordSergeantBotetourt
James CrulyBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Jacob Crabtree
James CrabtreeEnsignKings Mountain
James CraigKings Mountain
Robert CraigCaptainKings Mountain
Robert Jr CraigKings Mountain
James Crawford1st Lieut.Guilford C. H. ; Kings Mountain
John CrawfordLieut.Kings Mountain
John R. Crawford
Andrew Crawford2nd Lieut.Under Draper
Hugh CrockettMajor
John Crockett1st Lieut.Under J. Montgomery
Joseph CrockettCapt.Cont. LineMontgomery
John CaldwellMorgan’s Co. in S. Car.
John CarpenterBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
William CalbertBotetourt
John CalbertBotetourt
John CamperBotetourt
William CanifaxBotetourt
Joseph CantuberryMontgomery
Edward CarbinBotetourt
Conrad Carlock
Hanchrise Carlock
Richard Caroin
John CarperMontgomery
John Carpenter
Zepher CarpenterDrummer
Joseph Carpenter
Richard CarrBotetourt
Patrick CarriganBotetourt
Robert Carson
William Carson
Charles C. Carson
John CarlisleBotetourt
Robert CarlisleBotetourt
Benny CaywoodBotetourt
Peter CassadayBotetourt
James Calbert
John Carmack
George CaldwellGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Thomas Caldwell
Joseph Carroll
William CaseyEnsignKings MountainWashington
Alexander CaldwellMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
William CecilMontgomery
Zachary CecilMontgomery
Richard ChapmanCapt.Illinois ServiceMontgomery
John Chapman2nd Lieut.Montgomery
William ChapmanMontgomery
Gilbert ChristianCaptainKings Mountain
Christopher ChaffinMontgomery
Robert ChambersMontgomery
Alex ChambersGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Francis ChattonMontgomery
Robert ChapmanProclamation 1763
Robert Christian
William ChristianColonelContinental LineBotetourt
Israel ChristianCol. Peachey’s Co.Botetourt
George ClarkVirginia Militia
James ClendennenProclamation 1763Washington
Andrew Cline
George Clayney
Nicholas ClineEnsign
Joseph CloydCaptainGuilford C. H.died 1833Montgomery Co.,
William CliftonBotetourt
Samuel ClarkMontgomery
Stephen ClarkeMontgomery
Michael ClayWashington
George Clency
John ClineMontgomery
John CloydMontgomery
Robert CloydMontgomery
William CloydMontgomery
James Coalter
Charles CockKings Mountain
James Cock1st Lieut.
James CockKings Mountain
William CockCapt.Kings Mountain; Battle L. I. Flats
Robert CosdirreyBotetourt
Joseph ColeKings Mountain
Walter CrockettColonelContinental Line
William Crockett
William CrockettEnsign
James CrowKings Mountain
William CrunkKings Mountain
William CraigDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
William Crock
Joseph CrockettCaptainMontgomery
William CrossBotetourt
David CraigKings Mountain
John CraigWounded Whitsills MillKings Mountain
John CroddyBotetourt
Henry CrookWashington County
George CressBotetourt
Noah CreaseIllinois Service Capt. Montgomery’s Co.
Abraham CrabtreeWashington
John CraigCaptainMontgomery
William CrawfordBotetourt
John CurrothersLieut.Morgan’s Command in S.C.
James CurrothersMorgan’s Command in S.C.
Thomas CunninghamMorgan’s Command in S.C.
James CirleyBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
John CurleyBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
James CunninghamBotetourt
George CraigBotetourt
James Cuddy
John Cuddy
Johnathan Cunningham
William Cunningham
James CurryDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John CusickDysart’s Co.Wounded Kings Mountain
George CummingsBotetourt
George CummingsMontgomery
James CunninghamMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Charles Rev CummingsCherokee ExpeditionWashington
Joseph Dack (Doak)2nd Lieut.Under W. Ward
Michael DaughertyWounded Whitesells Mills
John DavisCaptainKings Mountain
Nathaniel DavisKings Mountain
Robert DavisEnsignKings Mountain
Robert Davis1st Lieut.Under R. Buchanan
Samuel DavisKings Mountain
William Davis2nd Lieut.Under J. Burns
Daniel DavidsonEnsignKings Mountain
William DavisonLieut.Kings Mountain
Claibourne Davenport7th & 15th Va. Regiments
David DarnellWounded Kings Mountain
Joel DavenportBotetourt
Thomas DavenportWashington County
John DavidsonBotetourt
James DavidsonIllinois Service, Capt. MontgomeryMontgomery
James DavisCaptainWashington
John DavisCaptainWashington
Joseph Jr. DavisMontgomery
Robert DavisWashington County
William DavisColonelKings Mountain
Samuel DayBotetourt
Francis DayGuilford C. H.
Hugh DaltonBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Charles DavisBotetourt
Robert DavisBotetourt
Peter DealBotetourt
William Dean2nd Lieut. Guilford C. H.Botetourt
B DeanCaptainBotetourt
Robert DennisonKings Mountain
Joseph DennisonWashington County
John DentonCaptainBotetourt
William DempseyBotetourt
Abraham DeMontsBotetourt
John DennistonBotetourt
James DenisonMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
John DennisEnsignKings MountainBotetourt
Henry DickensonWashington County
Samuel DoakEnsign
William DoakCaptain
Lytton DolberryDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Andrew DonallyMajorBotetourt
John DonallyProclamation 1763
Alexander DoranEnsignKings Mountain
James DoranKings Mountain
Henry DooleyProclamation 1763
Terrence Doran9th & 1st Va. Regiments
Moses DortonDysart’s Co.Horse killed Whitsill’s Mill; Kings Mtn.
William DortonDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John DouglasGuilford C. H.Montgomery
James DouglasKings Mountain
Johnathan DouglasLost eye pursuing Indians
Johnathan DouglasWounded accidentally Kings Mountain
James Downing1st Lieut.
James DownsBotetourt
Lyles DolsberryDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John DobsonBotetourt
Thomas DonnellyBotetourt Comity
John DouglasWashington
John DonnallyBotetourt
John DraperCaptain
Nathaniel DrydenEnsignKilled Kings Mountain
William DrydenKings Mountain
Alexander DrumgoldWashington
Charles DuncanMontgomery
John DuncanCaptainContinental Service
William DuncanCapt. Lewis RangersBotetourt
Ephriam DunlopWashington
Samuel DuffContinental Lineat Yorktown
John DunkinPrisoner in Canada
Samuel DunnCont. Line at Yorktown
Samuel DuffBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
John DunnBotetourt
Samuel DuckKings Mountain
John DuncanCaptainContinental
William Duncan
James DulinBotetourt
John DyeWashington County
James DysartCaptainKings Mountain
Joseph DrakeWashington
James DysartCaptainWounded Kings MountainWashington
Adam DuttinGuilford C. H.Montgomery
John EagerBotetourt
Thomas EagnewBotetourt
Samuel Earch
William Eakin
Joseph EarlyLieut.
_____ EarnCapt.Botetourt
_____ EavonsCapt.Botetourt
Andrew EdmistonCaptainKilled Kings Mountain
Thomas EdgarBotetourt
David Eddings
John EdmondsonWashington County
Benjamin EdwardsMontgomery
John Edwards
David EddinsEnsignUnder J. Martin
John EdmistonKings Mountain
Robert Jr. EdmistonLieut.Wounded Kings Mountain
Robert Sr. EdmistonLieut.Killed; Kings Mountain
Samuel EdmistonBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Thomas EdmistonKings Mountain
William EdmistonColonel
William EdmistonMajorKings Mountain
William EdmistonCaptainKilled Kings Mountain
Andrew EdmistonEnsignBeattie’s Co.Killed Kings Mountain
Moses EdmondsonKilled Kings MountainKilled
William EdmondsonContinental
William EdmondsonBeattie’s Co.Killed Kings Mountain
Frederick EdwardsCaptainMontgomery
John EdwardsBotetourt
James EllisonBotetourt
Charles Ellison
Peter EllenburgBotetourt
James ElkinsBowen’s Co.Kings Mountain
Robert ElliottMontgomery
Robert Elliot
John Elliot
James ElliotEnsignKings MountainWashington
Charles EllisonMontgomery
Robert Elder
James ElliotCaptainKilled in service 1788
Abraham EllisCapt. Stewart’s Co. RegularsBotetourt
William ElyKings Mountain
James EmmonsMontgomery
John EmmonsMontgomery
John EnglandVa. Continental
John EnglandWashington County
John ErwinBotetourt
Samuel EstillBotetourt
Benjamin EstillKings MountainProclamation 1763
Wallace 2 V R Estell1st Lieut.Guilford C. H.Montgomery
James EpseyBotetourt
Wiley EpseyBotetourt
Richard Estis1st Lieut.Under H. Gardiner
Andrew EvansBotetourt
Thomas EvansDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
David EvansContinental
David EvansVa. Line, Apl. 19, 1780
Evan EvansGuilford C. H.; Kings Mountain
Jessee EvansLieut.Montgomery
Samuel EvansKings Mountain
Henry EvansBotetourt
William EvansMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Samuel EwingCapt.Montgomery
John EwingGuilford C. H.Montgomery
William EwingSergeant MajorBotetourt
George EwingGuflford C. H.Montgomery
Alexander EwingGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Edward EwingCorporalKilled at Bufords Defeat
Mathias FarmerBotetourt
Francis FarmerProc. 1763
Martin FainterBotetourt
Peter FauberBotetourt
Thomas FarisKings Mountain
Frederick FenderBotetourt
Robert FenleyBotetourt
James FergusonWashington County
Robert FergusonMontgomery
John FerrallWashington
Samuel FergusonCapt.Botetourt
Samuel FergusonEnsignUnder J. Moore
Isaac FisherBotetourt
Fennis FielderMontgomery
Frederick FinderBotetourt
Frederick FisherPrivateKings MountainWashington
Isaac FisherMontgomery
Philip FixMontgomery
William FieldsVirginia Militia
Christopher FinnieBotetourt
George FinleyLieut.Kings Mountain & Shawnee Expedition
James FinleyCapt.Vice J. Stevens
John FinleyWounded Long Island Flats
Frederick FisherWounded Kings Mountain
John FisherDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
William FlemingColonelBotetourt
Moses FleshmanBotetourt
Thomas FlintBotetourt
John FloydColonelMontgomery
Charles FleenorKings Mountain
Joel FleenorKings Mountain
James FlemingEnsignUnder Hanley
John ForehandBotetourt
John FortuneBotetourt
James FosterMontgomery
John FosterMontgomery
John FowlerMontgomery
Joseph FowlerMontgomery
Peter ForneyWashington County
William ForkKings Mountain
Thomas Foster1st Lieut.Under Pierce
William FowlerEnsignKings Mountain; Killed. Died in Service
James FowlerKings Mtn. Noted scout Cont. Service Col. Wm. Russell Fort Blair.
John FolleyGilmore’s Co. Va. State MilitiaBotetourt
John FraziorCaptainWashington
John FrazorBotetourt
John FryerBotetourt
Robert Freely
John Frager
Henry FrancisCapt.Montgomery
Thomas FrancisKings Mountain
Daniel FrazerKings Mountain
John FrazerKings Mountain
George Frazier1st Lieut.Under J. Baird
John FrazierLieut.Kings Mountain
George FreelandLieut.Kings Mountain
William FreemanVirginia Line
James FranklinBotetourt
William FranklinBotetourt
Aaron FradwayDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
William FrameBowen’s Co.Kings Mountain
David FreamBotetourt
William FullwoodKings Mountain
James FulkersonCaptainKings Mountain
Richard FulkersonKings Mountain
_____ Fullin (or Pullin)Botetourt
Robert, GallowayGuilford C. H.Montgomery
David Jr. GallowayProclamation 1763Botetourt
David Sr. GallowayProclamation 1763Botetourt
Banjamin GallowayBotetourt
Robert GambleCaptainBotetourt
Thomas GambleBotetourt
John GardnerWashington
Nathaniel GarterMontgomery
David GassLieut.Washington
Joel GalliherKings MountainHorse killed in fight
John GallowayCaptain
Henry GardinerCaptain
Henson GardinerCaptainfor part of Cloyd’s Co. on Walkers Creek
William GarrisonBowen’s Co.Kings Mountain
William GeorgeMontgomery
James Gervis9th Va. Regt.
James GetwoodDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Prisly GrillBotetourt
William Gills
Edward Sr. Gill
Joseph Gibson
George Gibson
John Gibson
Thomas Gibson
Samuel GillCaptain
James GillilandVa. MilitiaKings Mountain
Thomas GillisEnsign
James GibsonWashington
John GibsonWashington
William GillespieIllinois Service & McFarland’s CoWashington & Montgomery
John GillenwaterWashington
James GillilandWashington County
James GilmoreBotetourt
John GilmoreMorgan’s Command in S CBotetourt
George GivensBotetourt
Nathaniel GistEnsignKilled Kings MountainWashington
John GistWashington County
Samuel Gilbert
Robert Gillespie
Thomas Gillispie
James GilmoreKilled Kings MountainKilled
Samuel GillCapt.Cont. LineBotetourt
John Gilliam10th Va. Regt.Botetourt
Garnell GinnCapt.Montgomery
Richard GistKings Mountain
Thomas GistKings Mountain
James GivenKings Mountain
John GilmoreBotetourt
William GleavesGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Thomas GoodsonMontgomery
William GoodsonMontgomery
William GoodingGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Christian GobbleMaryland Militia
Andrew GoffEnsignKings Mountain
William GoffKings Mountain
William Gordon2nd Lieut.
Peter GrantWashington
Peter GrassBotetourt
Rice GravesBotetourt
David GrayBotetourt
James GrayBotetourt
John GrayBotetourt
Robert GrayBotetourt
William GrayBotetourt
John GriggsBotetourt
William GreenBowen’s Co.Kings Mountain
Alexander Gray
James GrahamKings Mountain
William GreerKings Mountain
John GrierKings Mountain
James GrimesKings Mountain
Benjamin Graham
Robert GrierDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Thomas GrierDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Wm J. GrillsBotetourt
John GreenBotetourt
William GreenwayWashington County
James GregoryBotetourt
John GroesselMontgomery
Thomas GrossWashington
James M. GuillinBotetourt
Edward Guilliford
Samuel GwinnBotetourt
Edward Guilford
Hugh GuillionDysart’s Co.Kings MountainWashington
Richard GullockGuilford C. H.Montgomery
William HallWashington
George HancockColonelMontgomery
Christopher HandMontgomery
Philip HandMontgomery
Esom HannonBotetourt
John HansonWashington County
Shadrack HansonKilled at Bufords Defeat
Thomas HansonWashington County
David HarbisonBotetourt
John HarkreaderMontgomery
Thomas HarmanMontgomery
John HarmanMontgomery
George HarmanMontgomery
James HarrellWashington County
John HarrisBotetourt
James HarrisonBotetourt
Rueben HarrisonBotetourt
Thomas HarrisonCaptainBotetourt
James HarrisMontgomery
Nathaniel HartWashington
John HawkinsPurchasing AgentCont. LineBotetourt
Benjamin HawkinsCaptainBotetourt
John HaysMontgomery
Thomas HaysletBotetourt
Griffin HarriesBotetourt
William HansonBotetourt
James HallCaptain
Jessee HallKings Mountain
Alexander Hamilton
Andre HamiltonCaptain
John HambletonVirginia ContinentalBotetourt
Robert HamiltonKings Mountain
William HamiltonCaptain
Abraham Hammonds
John Hampton
Uriah HampkinsEnsign
Henry HarkleroadKings Mountain
Terry HarrellBotetourt
Abram HarrellMontgomery
Reuben HarrellKings Mountain
John HarrellMontgomery
Nathaniel Harris
Andrew HatfieldCaptain
John HaysCaptainHead North Fork Holston River
Samuel HaysLieut.Kings Mountain
Israel HayterWounded Kings Mountain
Charles HaysBowen’s Co.Kings Mountain
Henry HarrisMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
John HaytonMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Robert Handley
Christley HandleyGuilford C. H.Botetourt
Samuel Handley
William HandleyGuilford C. H.Botetourt
John HarrisGilmore’s Co. Va. State MilitiaBotetourt
James HallBotetourt
Wm H HaynesBotetourt
Steven HarrisBotetourt
John Haynes
Philip HammondBotetourt
John HendersonBotetourt
Peter HendricksBotetourt
John HeartMontgomery
Wm. Helley
John HelmickMontgomery
Leonard HelmsBotetourt
John HendricksWashington
William HenryBotetourt
William HensonMontgomery
William HerbertCapt.Montgomery
John HewettBotetourt
Solomon Heliot2nd Va. Regt.
Charles HemphillKings Mountain
James HendersonLieut. Col.
John HendersonCapt.for part of Cox’s Co.Died 1813
John HendersonKings Mountain
Henry HenegarPrivateKilled Kings Mountain
Jacob HenegarEnsignKings Mountain
John HenegarKings Mountain
Robert HenryKings Mountain
Samuel HensleyKings Mountain
Thomas HeddenBotetourt
Andrew HendersonBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Robert HiggenbottomKings Mountain
Adam HickmanBotetourt
William HickenbothamMontgomery
Henry HightBotetourt
Henry HinkleBotetourt
James HillanKings Mountain
James Hilliard
William Hinds2nd Va. Regt. Artillery
James HillBowen’s Co.Kings Mountain
Peter HiggingsBotetourt
James HiggenbottomDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Robert HiggenbottomDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Henry HowardBotetourt
William HooperBotetourt
George HopkinsGuilford C. H.
Ezekiel Hobbs
Thomas HobbsKings Mt. & Cherokee Expedition
Peter HagyColonel
Jacob HortenstinePennsylvania Continental Line
James HoustonEnsignKings Mountain
John HoustonEnsignKings Mountain
William HoustonKings Mountain
James HopeMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Stephen HolstonBotetourt
Henry HolstonBotetourt
Alexander HobbsWashington
Richard HobbsWashington County
John HoggMontgomery
Richard HoggMontgomery
Samuel HoggMontgomery
Peter HoggMontgomery
William HoggMontgomery
James HollowayBotetourt
William Holly
Samuel HortonBotetourt
Thomas HortonBotetourt
David HoweGuilford C. H.Botetourt
John HoweMontgomery
Daniel Sr. HowellMontgomery
Daniel Jr. HowellMontgomery
Thomas HowellBotetourt
Walter HowellBotetourt
Thomas HowellGilmore’s Co. Va. State MilitiaBotetourt
William HowardKings Mountain
Daniel How2nd Lieut.Under H. Patton
Peter HullCapt.
George HutchinsonBotetourt
Robert Hutchinson
Rueben HuffmanBotetourt
David HughesWashington
George HullBotetourt
Henry HullMontgomery
Francis HunterBotetourt
William Hutcheson
William Hutchison
Robert Hutchinson
John Sr. HutchinsonMontgomery
John Jr. HutchinsonMontgomery
William HutchinsonProclamation 1763
Samuel HuffBotetourt
Charles HughesRecruited by Matthew Rhea
Joseph Hughey
James Hughey
James Hutcheson2nd Lieut.Under Smith
Zachariah Hunt
Abraham HunsuckerNorth Carolina Militia
Samuel HundleyKings Mountain
Robert HumphreysVa. State Line
Uriah HumphreysBotetourt
Samuel Hughes
Peter Hughes
John HughesRecruited by Lieut. Matthew Rhea
Leonard HyceWounded Kings Mountain
Joseph HiscanderBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
David InglisEnsign
Douglas IrbyBotetourt
William IrbyBotetourt
Joshua IrbyBotetourt
John IrwinBotetourt
William JamesGuilford C. H.Botetourt
John JamisonLieut.Kings Mountain
Solomon JarrelMontgomery
Field JarvisMontgomery
Hugh JacksonMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Thomas JenkinsKings Mountain
William JenkinsKings Mountain
John JenkinsKings Mountain
Johnathan JenningsMontgomery
Benjamin JohnsonMontgomery
Ezekiel JohnsonKilled at Guilford C. H.Botetourt
Peter JohnstonLee’s Legion
Samuel JohnstonVa. State TroopsKings Mountain
James Sr. JohnstonPreston’s Co.Proc. 1763.Montgomery
Peter JohnstonLieut.Washington
Samuel JohnstonWashington
William JohnstonProc. 1763Botetourt
John JohnsonProc. 1763
Berryman JonesBotetourt
Thomas JonesBotetourt
John Jones
Richard JonesGilmore’s Va. State MilitiaBotetourt
Henry JonesBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
John JohnstonDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John JohnstonMcFarland’s Co.Kings Mountain
John JonesBotetourt
Jones JohnBotetourt
William JohnsBotetourt
Moses Justice2nd Lieut.Montgomery
Berry KaywoodIllinois Expedition
Stephen KaywoodDrummer
James KeepsoSergeantKings Mountain
John KeeneBotetourt
John Kelly
Solomon KendrickKings Mountain
John KennedyKings Mountain
Moses KennedyVa. Line Apl. 9, 1870 (sic)
Robert KennedyOfficer Troop of HorseBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Adam KerrKings Mountain
Lawrence KetteringEnsignUnder R. Buchanan
James KeysLieut.Va. MilitiaKings Mountain
Daniel KeithBotetourt
James KelsoBotetourt
Andrew KenneanWashington County
John KennedyWashington County
Samuel KennerlyBotetourt
James KeysBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Robert KeysWashington
Matthew KeysWashington County
Ezekiel KennedyWashington
John KelseyBotetourt
John KeenePrivateWounded Kings Mountain
Andrew KincannonLieut.
Francis Kincannon2nd Lieut.Under W. Love
James KincannonKings Mountain
Matthew KincannonCapt.Kings Mountain
John KinkeadCapt.Kings Mountain
Jacob KimerlandBotetourt
John KincaidWashington
James KingMontgomery
John KingMontgomery
John KinkeadCapt.Washington
William KingMontgomery
Michael KinserWounded at Guilford C. H.Montgomery
Samuel KirkpatrickMontgomery
James KnoxCapt.Fincastle
Joseph KylesBotetourt
William KylesBotetourt
Thomas LackeyDrBotetourt
David LairdKings Mountain; Guilford C. H.Montgomery
James LairdEnsignKilled Kings Mountain
John LairdColor Sgt.Kings Mountain
John LathamKings Mountain
Peter LaughlinGuilford C. H. ; Kings Mountain
James LaughlinGuilford C. H. ; Kings Mountain
William LawsonKings Mountain
John LarkenBotetourt
David LawrenceBotetourt
Isaac LawrenceBotetourt
Patrick LawrenceBotetourt
John LapslyBotetourt
William LeckieVa. Militia
James Leeper2nd Lieut.Kings Mountain
George LeonardKings Mountain
Frederick LeonardKings Mountain
Henry Leonard2nd Va. Regt.
Robert Leonard2nd Va. Regt.
Aaron LewisCapt.Kings Mountain
Andrew Lewis1st Lieut.Under J. Lewis
John LewisCapt.Botetourt
John LewisEnsignUnder J. Lewis
Samuel LewisColonel
William LeeMontgomery
Jacob LammonBotetourt
CCCC LemmonsProc. 1763Washington
Andrew LewisGeneral
William LeatherdaleBotetourt
James Leatherdale
William Leatherdale
John LewisCapt.Botetourt
Daniel LewisGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
John Lindsay
John LittonKings Mountain
Solomon Litton2nd Lieut.Prisoner in Canada
Solomon LittonEnsign
David LivingstonKings Mountain
William LileyWashington
John LileyWashington
Thomas LileyWashington County
John LinnWashington
Daniel LinderWashington County
David LinderWashington
Samuel LinderWashington
Richard LitteralBotetourt
Godrell LivelyMontgomery
Solomon LittonCont. Service
John LiggottGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Philip LoveCapt.Botetourt
William Lockart
Patrick LockartMajor
James LoganKings Mountain
John LoganKings Mountain
William Long
Peter Looney
John LooneyEnsign
Peter LooneyCapt. Preston’s RangersBotetourt
John LooneyEnsignKings Mountain
Moses LooneyLieut.Kings Mountain
Joseph LooneyCapt.Guilford C. H.
Robert LooneyEnsignKings Mountain
Robert Love1st Lieut.Under J. Finley
Robert LoveState MilitiaGuilford C. H. etc.
Thomas LoveGeneral
Joseph LoveGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Thomas LoveGuilford C. H.
Benj LoganCapt.Washington
William LoveCapt.
William Love2nd Lieut.
Markel LovelEnsignUnder J. Hays
William Lovel1st Lieut.
Henry Low5th Md. Regt. 1776 and War 1812-’14
Hugh LoganCapt.Botetourt
Benjamin LoganWashington County
William LovingMontgomery
Alexander LowryWashington
Joseph LoydWashington County
Thomas LockhartCorp.Gilmore’s Co., Va. MilitiaBotetourt
John LoganBotetourt
James LoganBotetourt
Hugh LoganBotetourt
Thomas LovelattleyDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
David LowryBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
William LowryKings Mountain
John Lowry2nd Lieut.Kings Mountain
Thos Sr. Loyd
John LowryEnsign
James LucasMontgomery
Manuel LucasMontgomery
Joseph LucasMontgomery
William LuskKings Mountain
John LucasCapt.Va. MilitiaKings Mountain
William LyleBotetourt
David LynchWashington
William LynnMontgomery
Humbertson LyonEnsignKilled Kings Mountain
John LyleSgt.Gilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Williams LyonsBotetourt
William Lyon7 V. R.Kings Mountain
Adam LynnKings Mountain
Thomas LoydDrProc. 1763 Preston’s Co.Botetourt
Corban LocklandBotetourt
Alfred LocklandBotetourt
Samuel McDowellColonelGuilford C. H.
William McKnightBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Robert McKnightBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Nathaniel McElynBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
John McClingBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Francis McClingBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
John McCutchinBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
James McCutchinBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Samuel McCutchinBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
James McGilleysBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Andrew McConnellKings Mountain
Robert McKinseyRecruited by Matthew Rhea
James McAfeeMontgomery
Robert McAfeeMontgomery
William McAfeeMontgomery
Patrick McAuleyWashington
Henry McCallWashington County
James McCallWashington County
Robert McCartyWashington
William McCartyWashington
Charles McCartyWashington County
John McCauleyBotetourt
John McCauleyWashington
Campbell McCauleyWashington County
James McCauleyWashington County
Robert McClelandWashington County
William McClintockBadly wounded at Guilford C. H.Montgomery
William Jr. McClintockWounded at Guilford C. H.
John McClintockMontgomery
Joseph McClintockMontgomery
Edward McClungBotetourt
Samuel McClungBotetourt
John McClureBotetourt
William McClureMontgomery
Alexander McClureMontgomery
Andrew McClureMontgomery
Samuel McClureBotetourt
James McConnellWashington County
William McConnellWashington
Alexander McConnellWashington County
Francis McConnellWashington
Andrew McCorkleMontgomery
John McCorkleEnsign,Gilmore’s Co.Killed at Battle of CowpensMontgomery
Robert McCorkleMontgomery
John McCormackWashington County
Alexander McCormackBotetourt
Francis McCrawMontgomery
Hugh McNeill
Daniel MeNeilBotetourt
Francis McElhaneyBotetourt
William McArnold2nd Lieut.
John McCauleyVa. Line
Abraham McClellandEnsignKings MountainWashington
William McClenehanLieut. Col.
John McCroskyBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
William McClureVa. MilitiaKings Mountain
John McCullochVa. MilitiaKings Mountain
Robert McCullochWounded Kings Mountain
Thomas McCullochLieut.Commanded part of companyKilled Kings Mountain
Thomas McCullochKilled Kings MountainKilled
John McCutcheonKings Mountain
Samuel McCutcheonKings Mountain
William McCutcheonKings Mountain
Magnus McDonaldKings Mountain
Alexander McEvenSurgeonRev. Service
John McFerrinEnsignKings Mountain
Samuel McFerranEnsign
Rowland McFerranCaptain
Martin McFattin
John McCullockWashington
Thomas McCullockWashington
Samuel McCullockWashington
James McQuownBotetourt
Alexander McDonaldProc. 1763, Preston’s Co.Botetourt
Edward McDonaldBotetourt
Samuel McDowellColonelBotetourt
John McDowellBotetourt
Robert McDowellBotetourt
John McElhaneyBotetourt
John McFaddenBotetourt
Alexander McFarlandWashington
Martin McFerrinBotetourt
Hugh McGavockMontgomery
James McGavockProc. 1763
Andrew McGinnisMontgomery
James McGuireMontgomery
William McGuireMontgomery
William McKeeCapt.Botetourt
William McGlothlinBotetourt
James McMullinBotetourt
John McMullenProc. 1763
Edward McMullenProc. 1763
William McNeelyMontgomery
Joseph McQuownBotetourt
Thomas McReynoldsBotetourt
Samuel McRobertsBotetourt
William McTearMontgomery
John McGinnisBotetourt
James McDonaldBotetourt
Samuel McFarrin
James McQuown
William McFarrin
John McKenny
William McFarland
John McKinley
Thomas McLain
Alexander McNutt
John McGlothlin
Abram McConnell
Charles McGlochlin
John McCrosky
Alexander McMillen
William McMillen
John McHenry
Robert McFarland
Alexander McEwinSurgeon
John McKonkeyHanover Troops, Pa.
Alexander McMullinSergeantDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
James McCroskeyGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Joseph McAlisterSgt.Gilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
William McClungGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Robert McNuttSgt.Gilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Alexander McNuttSgt.Gilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
William McElweeDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
James McElweeDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Magnus McDonaldDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Elias McKey (Mackey)McFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
William McKeeLieut.Botetourt
William MacCorkleBotetourt
Joseph McBrideBotetourt
Edward McMullen
John McMullen
Thomas McClureBotetourt
Peter McNealBotetourt
Hugh McNeilDrummerThrockmorton’s Regulars
John McGeeBotetourt
John McClureBotetourt
James McCalisterBotetourt
John MarksBotetourt
David May
Thomas MadisonCapt.Battle L. I. FlatsFincastle
Rowland MadisonCapt.Fincastle
Humphrey Madison
John MadisonFincastle
James MahaffeyMontgomery
John MannMontgomery
William MannMontgomery
Henry MannBotetourt
Thomas MannBotetourt
John MannProc. 1763
John MartinWashington
George MartinGuilford C. H.Proc. 1763Montgomery
Joseph MartinCapt.Kings MountainWashington
Thomas MastinCapt.Washington
Joseph MawesMontgomery
Richard MayCaptainBotetourt
David MayBotetourt
William MaynardMontgomery
Elijah MeachamMontgomery
Barnett MeachamMontgomery
Josiah Menter
Josiah MeadowsMontgomery.
Frances MeadowsMontgomery
Jacob MeadowsMontgomery
Alexander MearsMontgomery
Samuel MerrittBotetourt
Bazillell Max
Richard Maize
Tobias Main
Nathaniel Maxwell
James MaxwellKings MountainWashington
Isaac MaxwellShelby’s Co.Kings Mt.Washington
Thomas Maxwell
William Martin
George MaxwellLieut.Kings Mtn.Washington
Samuel Marion
Rush MillamBotetourt
Daniel MillerMontgomery
William MillerBotetourt
Thomas Miller
John MillerBotetourt
Adam MillerBotetourt
Francis MillerBotetourt
John Jr MillsBotetourt
John MitchellFiferMontgomery
John MillsBotetourt
Robert MillarRecruited by Matthew Rhea
George MoffettMontgomery
John MoffettMontgomery
Rice D. MontagueMontgomery
Alexander MontgomeryKings MountainWashington
James MontgomeryCapt.Montgomery
James MontgomeryCapt.Washington
John MontgomeryColonelMontgomery
Alexander MontgomeryBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Alexander Jr. MontgomeryBeattie’s Co.Washington
Michael MontgomeryWashington
Richard MontgomeryWashington
Samuel MontgomeryBeattie’s Co.Kings Mtn.Washington
Thomas MontgomeryWashington County
William MontgomeryWashington
John MontgomeryColonelIllinois ExpeditionMontgomery
William MoodeyBotetourt
John MooreBotetourt
William MooreBeattie’s Co.Kings Mtn.Washington
Andrew MooreMontgomery
Fleming MooreBotetourt
James MooreMontgomery
William MooreCapt.Botetourt
William MooreLost leg at Kings MountainWashington
Charles MorganCapt.Botetourt
John MorrisCapt.Botetourt
Thomas MorrisCaptured at Bufords Defeat and died while a prisoner
Charles MorganCapt.Botetourt
William MorrisBotetourt
Benjamin MorganMontgomery
James MortimerMontgomery
Michael MorrisonProc. 1763
John MoserWashington
John MurdockWashington County
John Moor
Frederick Mongle
Daniel Mongle
James Mooney
Arthur Moore
Matthew Moss
Robert Montgomery
Robert Morgan
Abram MoonBotetourt
Thomas Morgan
Francis Mobley
Samuel Morrow
Robert MooreSgt.Gilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Frank MorisGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
John MontgomeryDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Abraham Moores
Hugh MooreBotetourt
Nicholas MooneyBotetourt
John MooreBotetourt
William MooreGuilford C. H.Botetourt
James MurphyContinental LinePensioner
Philip MuterspawBotetourt
John MurrayCaptainBotetourt
Skidmore MuncyGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Thomas MuseGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Richard MuseGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Thomas NailBotetourt
Conrad Nave
John NelsonBotetourt
James NeelyBotetourt
William NeelyBotetourt
James NeelyBotetourt
William NeelEnsignKings MountainWashington
William NeilCapt.Washington
Alexander NeilyWashington
John NelsonBotetourt
Abraham NettleMontgomery
James NewellMontgomery
James Jr. NewellMontgomery
Samuel NewellLieut.Wounded Kings MountainWashington
William NeelDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Abram Newland
John NewlandGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Isaac Newland
Robert Neely
Samuel Jr. NewellWashington
James Nicholas
John Norris
Hugh O’Gullion
Barnett O’Gullion
Joseph Oney
Robert Owens
Robert OwenBotetourt
Daniel OrmsbeyBotetourt
Alexander Outlaw
Samuel OxerDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Michael O’HairMontgomery
John O’HarrellGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Jacob ParsingerBotetourt
Joseph PainBotetourt
John ParsonsBotetourt
Samuel PattersonMontgomery
William PattersonSgt.,9th Va. Regt.Montgomery
Henry PattonCapt.Montgomery
Edward PaulBotetourt
Henry PaulingCapt.Botetourt
Samuel PaxtonCapt.Botetourt
John PaxtonCapt.Botetourt
Thomas PierceBotetourt
Edward PearieContinental LineWounded
Edward PierceBotetourt
Jacob PersingerBotetourt
Christian PetersMontgomery
George Peters
John PetersMontgomery
John PeoplesGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Samuel Pepper
Elisha PepperPrivateKilled Kings MountainMontgomery
Solomon Perry
Benjamin PhippsMontgomery
George PhippsMontgomery
James PhillipsDysart’s Co.Killed Kings Mountain
Jacob PhippsRecruited by Matthew Rhea; Capt. Service
Samuel Phillips
Robert PippinWashington
William PipinWashington
George Pirtle
William Pitman
Noah PitmanContinental Service
Lewis Pitts
James Piper
Thomas PlunkettBotetourt
John Plumpeys
William PoageBotetourt
Richard PointerNegroBotetourt
Charles PorterfieldBotetourt
Robert Poage
Robert PorterfieldBotetourt
James PollyGuilford C. H.Botetourt
Thomas PoseyBotetourt
William PoseyBotetourt
William PrestonColonelMontgomery
William Poston
James P. PrestonColonel
Moses PrestonMontgomery
Robert Preston(Washington) Montgomery
John PrewettMontgomery
Solomon PrewettMontgomery
Jacob PriceWounded Guilford C. H.Botetourt
Thomas PriceLieut.Kings Mtn.Washington
Rees Price
Walter Preston
Joseph Pryor
Joseph PerrinBotetourt
Thomas Poage
James Price
Drury PuckettSergeant1758-’63
William Purviance
George PuckettDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John PryorPreston’s Co. 1758Botetourt
Robert PragueHogg’s Rangers 1758
Thomas QuirkWashington County
Edward QuirkWashington
John RalstonCont. LinedDied in ServiceBotetourt
Joseph RamseyWashington
James RobertsonCaptainMontgomery
Thomas RamseyWashington County
John RamseyWashington County
George Rader
James RamseyWashington County
Abraham Rader
Joseph RayMontgomery
Nicholas ReaderMontgomery
Josiah RamseyWashington County
Shadrack ReaderMontgomery
Dennis ReadyMontgomery
William ReaganWashington County
John ReardonBotetourt
John ReasorMontgomery
John ReburnCherokee ExpeditionMontgomery
William ReburnMontgomery
Daniel RenhartWashington
James RentfroBotetourt
James RentfroBotetourt
Bernard ReynoldsWashington County
John Reaborn
Peter Reasor
Daniel Reamy
Abraham ReedBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
John RheaColor Bearerat Battle of Brandywine & Kings Mtn.Washington
Matthew RheaLieut.Va. LineWashington
Joseph Jr. Rhea8 V. R. Kings Mtn.Washington
David RheaKings Mtn.Washington
Robert RheaKings Mtn.Washington
Philip RheaWashington
John ReaghWashington
Archie ReaghBotetourt
Edwards RichardsBotetourt
Isaac RichardsonBotetourt
George RiffeyBotetourt
Francis Riley
William RitcheyBotetourt
John RichieMontgomery
Thomas RiceMontgomery
Robert RitchieMontgomery
John Riley
Samuel RitchieMontgomery
Johnathan RoachMontgomery
James RobertsonCaptain10 VRMontgomery
James RobertsonCapt.Washington
James RobinsonCapt.Botetourt
John RobinsonBotetourt
Benjamin RogersGuilford C. H.
James RogersGuilford C. H.
David RogersGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Joseph RogersGuilford C. H.
John RogersGuilford C. H.
Boiling RogerMontgomery
Valentine RossWashington
William RoyallMontgomery
Thomas RowlandCaptainBotetourt
James RowlandCol. Peachey’s Co.Fincastle
Elijah Robertson
David Robinson
Julius Robinson
David Roberts
Benjamin Roy
Andrew Rose
James Roberts
William Roberson
William RosebroughEnsignKings MountainWashington
Thomas Robertson
David RobinsonBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
John RobinsonBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Moses Robinson
James RodgersBowen’s Co.Kings Mtn.
Isaac RomanieMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Thomas Roseland
Samuel Sr. RussellBotetourt
Samuel Jr. RussellBotetourt
John RustWashington
George RutledgeCapt. Wm. Robinson’s Co.Botetourt
Robert Russell
Andrew RussellBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Daniel RylieWashington
William Jr. RussellKings Mountain
Wm RussellColonel
John RutherfordGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Stephen SaundersCaptainMontgomery
Samuel SavageBotetourt
Robert SayersMontgomery
Patrick SavageBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
John SavageBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Benjamin SampleDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John SampleDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Elias SampleDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John Sawyers
Samuel SamplesBotetourt
Thomas SedburyWashington
Thomas Self
Vallentine Sevier
James Scott
William ScottBotetourt
John ScottDied in Service 1778Montgomery
Samuel ScottMontgomery
William ScottMontgomery
Robert ScottMontgomery
Obediah ScottMontgomery
James ScottMontgomery
Joseph ScottMontgomery
Walter ScottMontgomery
Evan ShelbyColonelWashington
David ShepherdsonBotetourt
Benjamin Sharp
William Sharp
James ShawEnsignKings MountainWashington
Thomas Shote
John Shields
William Shaffer
Thomas Sharp
William Sharp
Michael Shaver
Emanuel Shoatt
James ShelbyCapt.Battle L. I. FlatsWashington
Evan ShelbyColonelKings Mtn.Washington
James Shelby
John ShelbyCapt.Kings MountainWashington
Isaac ShelbyCapt.Kings MountainWashington
William SimpsonBotetourt
Daniel SimpkinsBotetourt
Alexander Simly
James SimpkinsBotetourt
John SimpsonSergeantBotetourt
Solomon Simpson
James SimpkinsMontgomery
Manoah SingletonFincastle
John SisirBotetourt
William SkillernCo. A. Breckenridge’s Co.Botetourt
John SkeggsBowen’s Co.Kings Mountain
George SkellamBotetourt
George SlaughterCol.8th Va. Regt.
William Skillern
Robert SmithBotetourt
Abraham SmithBotetourt
Daniel SmithMajorKings Mtn.Washington
Edward SmithWashington
James SmithWashington
Henry SmithWashington
Henry SmithBotetourt
H. SmithCapt.Washington
James SmithContinental LineMontgomery
James SmithWashington
Peter SmithMontgomery
John SmithersFincastle
Gabriel Smithers
Steven SmithersFincastle
Henry Smith
William SmithCont. LineMontgomery
Jonas Smith
William SmithCol.Continental Army
William SmithersCont. Service Kings Mtn.Longhunter 835 Pen 3Botetourt
John SmithCol.Prisoner in Canada 1758Proc. 1763Botetourt
John Smith
James SmithGilmore’s Co. Va. Regt.Botetourt
Daniel Smith
Francis SmithMajor
William Snodgrass
James SnodgrassLieut.Kings Mtn.Washington
John Snoddy
William SpillerMontgomery
Thomas SprattBotetourt
Samuel SprowlWashington County
John Spiars
Henry Span
David StaffordMontgomery
William StaffordMontgomery
William StauntonCapt.Botetourt
Richard StauntonSgt.1758-’63Botetourt
Jacob StarnesWashington
John StarkeyBotetourt
John Stuart
James StewartGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
George StovallGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Robert StewartGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Alexander StewartGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Samuel StuartDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Barthlemew StovallKings Mountain
William Stuart
Martin Statzer
Leonard Stein
Walter Stewart
John StewardWounded at Point Pleasant
Patrick St. Lawrence
Joseph StarkeyBotetourt
William SteelWashington
Robert Steel
John SteelWashington
Peter SteffeyMontgomery
Peter StephensCapt.Montgomery
Alexander StuartMajor
Isaac StrattonMontgomery
Michael SwordWashington County
John SykesWashington County
Joseph Jr. SwoopBotetourt
John StonerBotetourt
Paul Summers
John Summers5 V RBotetourt
Charles SummersBotetourt
John SummersSettled in Augusta CountyBotetourt
George SummersWAR 37-53Botetourt
Andrew SummersBattle Point PleasantTradition in the family of Andrew Summers says he was a man of great physical strength and slew an Indian chief named Sunshine in single combat at the Battle of Point Pleasant.Botetourt
William SuttonContinental Line
John TadlockBotetourt
John TalbotWashington
William TalbotWashington
James TalbotWashington County
John TateMontgomery
David Jr. TateCont. LineMontgomery
Charles TaylorMontgomery
William TaylorBotetourt
William TaylorBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
James TaylorBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
William TaylorSergeantBotetourt
Shelton TaylorSergeantBotetourt
John TaylorCapt. Dickerson’s Co.
Daniel TeanyMontgomery
George TeaterWashington
Samuel TeaterWashington County
William TeasyBotetourt
Alexander ThompsonBotetourt
Fleming ThompsonBotetourt
James ThompsonCapt.Battle L. I. FlatsWashington
John ThompsonMontgomery
William ThompsonWashington
James ThompsonRecruited by Lieut. Matthew Rhea
Daniel TriggMontgomery
John TriggMontgomery
Stephen TriggMontgomery
Abram TriggMontgomery
James TrimbleWashington County
Robert TrimbleDysart’s Co.Kings MountainWashington
Thomas TrimbleWashington County
William TrimbleWashington
Richard TrimbleMontgomery
Isaac TrimbleBotetourt
Isaac TrumbullBotetourt
Joseph Titus
Andrew Torrence
William Tucker
John ToddColonel,Botetourt, Kentucky
James ToddBotetourt
Thomas ToshBotetourt
James ToshBotetourt
David Thomas
William Treadway
Roger ToppLieut.Washington
George Teeter
William Thomas
Charles TraffordGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
John TygartProc. 1763Botetourt
William P. TibbsBotetourt
David VanceWashington
James VanceDysart’s Co.Kings MountainWashington
John VanceDysart’s Co.Kings MountainWashington
Robert VanceWashington
Samuel Vance
Samuel VanhookWashington
William VaughnMontgomery
William VausMontgomery
Jessee Vermillion
George Vineyard
Elijah Vinsant
Andrew Viney
William VickersWashington
Adam Wallen5 V RBotetourt
Phil WarrenGuilford C. H.Montgomery
Henry WalkerBotetourt
Joel WalkerBotetourt
John WalkerBotetourt
Samuel WalkerBotetourt
Thomas WalkerMontgomery
Andre WallaceBotetourt
David WallaceBotetourt
William Ward
Joseph Ward
David WardWashington County
James WardBotetourt
Joseph WardProclamation 1763
Caleb WallaceAfterwards Judge in Kentucky
Alexander WalkerGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Johnathan WallBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
David Ward2nd Lieut.Dysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John WallaceDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
Samuel WallaceLieut.Botetourt
Adam WallaceSergeantBotetourt
James WalkerBotetourt
Henry Watterson
Robert WallaceBotetourt
Andrew WallaceBotetourt
Philip Watkins
Johnathan WatsonBotetourt
Philip WatkinsCapt.Montgomery’s Co.
David WallaceBotetourt
William Walker
Julius Webb
Thomas WeltonMontgomery
Henry WeysonMontgomery
Robert Welsh
James Weiss
Thomas WelshDied in serviceBotetourt
Julius WebbThrockmorton’s RegularsBotetourt
Washington West
Thomas Jr. WelshBotetourt
Johnathan WeirKings Mountain
James WeirWounded Bufords DefeatBotetourt
Benjamin WhiteBotetourt
James White8 V RBotetourt
Moses WhitbyBotetourt
Edward WhiteBotetourt
Solomon WhitteyDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
John WhiteBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
William WhiteAfterwards N C
Solomon Whitten
Thomas WhittenKings Mountain
Michael WidenerWashington County
Andrew WileyBotetourt
John WilliamsonBotetourt
Willis WilsonCaptainWashington
Henry WinklebackBotetourt
William Wills
Henry WilliamsVI Reg. 91Botetourt
Thomas WilliamsVI Reg. 91Botetourt
Mark Williams
John Williams
Mack Williams
Jarrett Williams
Thomas Sr. Witten
John WilsonEnsignWashington
Richard Wilson
Daniel WilliamsMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Isaac WilliamsMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
William WilkersonDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
William WilloughbyEnsignDysart’s Co.Kings Mountain
William WilloughbyBeattie’s Co.Kings Mountain
Joseph WileyGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
William Willoughby
Matthew WilloughbyLieut.Kings Mtn.Washington
Alexander Wiley
John WoodBotetourt
Johnathan WoodBotetourt
Robert WoodsBotetourt
Jacob Woodward
Thomas Woolsey
Thomas WolseyMcFarland’s Co.Washington & Montgomery
Henry Jr. Wolf
Henry Sr. WolfKilled in action
Zephariah Woolsey
William Woolsey
John WrightMontgomery
Edward WrightVI Reg 91Botetourt
Peter Wright
William Wynn
Peter WileyProc. 1763Botetourt
John WileyProc. 1763Botetourt
James WissBotetourt
Faitt WysongBotetourt
Henry YearyKings Mountain
George Yontz
William YoungEnsign
Edward Young
James Young
William YouellGilmore’s Co. Va. MilitiaBotetourt
Edward YoungCapt. Pryor’s Co. RegularsBotetourt
Christian Yeally
William Yeally