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1858, Winnafred Harrald of Caldwell County, KY

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15 Feb 1858

Monday, February 15th 1858–This day Jesse Stevens Jr., Zadok Stevens and Reuben G. McCaslin came into court and made oath that Winnafred Harrald (widow of William Harrald) who was a pensioner of the United States, died at her residence in this county on the 17th day of December 1856 leaving as her legal heirs and representatives John Harrald, William Harrald, Reuben Harrald, Polly McCaslin, Rebecca Williams and Polly Ann Stevens, her grand-daughter child of Harriet Stevens. And James C. (?) Weller being sworn at the same time stated that Mrs. Winnafred Harrald was a pensioner of the United States at the time of her death, as he did her business up to the time of her death, as proven above, all of which is ordered to be copied and certified to the proper department.

Source: Caldwell County Kentucky, Court Order Book H, p. 569.

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