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1740, Richard Harrald of Prince William County, VA

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27 Apr 1740

Deed Book Four 1740-1741, pp. 40-43: 27-28 April 1740. William Russell of Orange County, Gent. to RICHARD HARRALD, planter, of Prince William County. Lease and release; for L45 current money. 760 acres on the south side of Shenandoah River….by deep gully…down the river… (signed) W. Russell, Wit: David Vaunce, Charles Buck, Michael (M) French [in release also RICHARD (h) HARRALD].

26 June 1740: Acknowledged by William Russell, Gent.

26 June 1740: Commission to Robert Slaughter, John Finlason and Samuel Bell, Gent. to take the acknowledgement of Mary, wife of William Russell.

20 July 1741: Mary Russell relinquishes her right of dower before Robert Slaughter and Saml. Ball 24 7br. (Sept) 1741. Privy examiniation returned.

pp. 43-46; 28-29 April 1740: William Russell of Orange County, to Charles Buck, farmer of same. Lease and release; for L45 current money. 450 acres on west side the south river of Shenandoah on the lowere side a deep gully near river bank opposite to an island….W. Russell, Wit: David Vaunce, Michael (M) French, RICHARD (h) HARRALD.

26 June 1740: Acknowledged by Wm. Russell, Gent.

(Relinquishment of dower as above, Russell to HARRALD).

Source: Orange County Virginia Deed Books 1738-1741, Abstracted and Compiled by John Frederick Dorman, p. 37

The “M” in parenthesis represents Michael French’s mark. The same for the “h” for Richard Harrald. Although this particular abstract of this deed does not illustrate it, other abstracts indicate that Richard Harrald’s wife, named Elizabeth, also made her mark on the deed.

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