1793-1830 Wythe County, Virginia Personal Tax Lists

Harrells Appearing in Wythe County’s Personal Property Tax Lists from 1793-1830

Summary, Virginia Tax Law Changes Respecting Tithables and Personal Property Tax Lists

  • Before 1778 – White male tithables age could vary but generally set at 16+ (16 and over)
  • 1778 – White male tithables of 21+ became subject to 5 shilling poll tax
  • 1782-1786 – Only white male tithables 21+ included, as polls; slaves also taxed as polls; personal property (horses, cattle, etc.) taxed at the state level
  • 1787 – Only white male tithables 21+ included, as polls—tax bumped to 10 shillings per head; tax info collected by itinerant tax commissioners, and dates recorded
  • 1788 on – White male tithables age reverts to 16+ as state poll tax is abolished in 1788

*Note: Taxes were not collected in 1808

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Year & ListDateNameWhites > 16Blacks > 12Blacks > 16CattlePgSearch Name
1793 List AApr 3William Harl139William Harrell
1793 List AApr 3Martain Harl119Martin Harrell
1793 List AApr 6Ruben Harl229Reuben Harrell
1793 List AApr 19William Herl119William Harrell
1793 List AApr 1John Herrel1110John Harrell
1793 List BNONE
1793 List CNONE
1794 List AMay 22John Herl128John Harrell
1794 List AMay 11Martain Herl118Martin Harrell
1794 List AMay 16William Herl138William Harrell
1794 List AMay 19Ruben Herl118Reuben Harrell
1794 List AMar 11William Herl118William Harrell
1794 List BNONE
1795 List AMay 12Reuben Herl117Reuben Harrell
1795 List AMay 20James Herl17James Harrell
1795 List AMay 21David Herl117David Harrell
1795 List AMay 27John Herl137John Harrell
1795 List AMay 29William Herl147William Harrell
1795 List BApr 27William Harrel16William Harrell
1796 List ANONE
1796 List BMar 16David Harel117David Harrell
1796 List BMar 16Ruben Herrel227Reuben Harrell
1796 List BMar 25John Herrel Sr.147John Harrell Sr
1796 List BMar 25John Herrel17John Harrell
1797 List ANONE
1797 List BMar 11David Herrell118David Harrell
1797 List BMar 11William Herrell268William Harrell
1797 List BMar 11John Herrell148John Harrell
1797 List BMar 11John Herrell Jr.118John Harrell Jr
1797 List BMar 11Ruben Herrell118Reuben Harrell
1798 List ANONE
1798 List BMar 28David Harald118David Harrell
1798 List BMar 29John Harald (R. Son)118John Harrell
1798 List BMar 29John Harald (Wm Son)158John Harrell
1798 List BMar 29James Harald118James Harrell
1798 List BApr 12William Harald268William Harrell
1799 List AMar 18David Harald17David Harrell
1799 List AMar 18Reubin Harald137Reuben Harrell
1799 List AMar 18William Harald177William Harrell
1799 List AMar 20John Harald (Son of R)127John Harrell
1799 List AMar 21John Harald (Son of Wm)167John Harrell
1799 List AApr 5Jacob Harald17Jacob Harrell
1799 List BNONE
1800 List ANONE
1800 List BApr 16John Harrald (Son of Wm)116John Harrell
1800 List BApr 23James Herrald166James Harrell
1800 List BApr 24Jacob Harrald17Jacob Harrell
1800 List BMay 20Rubin Harreld117Reuben Harrell
1800 List BMay 20William Harreld247William Harrell
1800 List BMay 20Jno. Harreld (Son of Rubin)117John Harrell
1800 List BMay 26David Harreld117David Harrell
1801 List AApr 2John Harrell (Son of R)126John Harrell
1801 List AApr 2John Harrell (Son of Wm)176John Harrell
1801 List AApr 2David Harrell16David Harrell
1801 List AJun 1Ruben Harrell216Reuben Harrell
1801 List AJun 5Jacob Harrell16Jacob Harrell
1801 List AApr 10William Harrell Sr.146William Harrell Sr
1801 List AApr 10William Harrell Jr.16William Harrell Jr
1801 List BNONE
1802 List ANONE
1802 List BApr 20William Harrell156William Harrell
1802 List BMay 12John Harrell (Son of Rubin)126John Harrell
1802 List BMay 14William Harrell (Son to Wm)116William Harrell
1802 List BMay 14John Harrell126John Harrell
1802 List BJun 2Ruben Harrell116Reuben Harrell
1802 List BApr 12Jacob Harrell17Jacob Harrell
1802 List BApr 12Enoch Harrell17Enoch Harrell
1803 List ANONE
1803 List BMar 30John Harrell (Son to Wm)167John Harrell
1803 List BApr 19John Harrell Jr.137John Harrell Jr
1803 List BApr 21William Harrell Sr.248William Harrell Sr
1803 List BApr 21Jacob Harrell118Jacob Harrell
1803 List BApr 26Reuben Harrell118Reuben Harrell
1803 List BJun 23David Harald119David Harrell
1804 List ANONE
1804 List BMar 20William Herreld Sr.267William Harrell Sr
1804 List BMar 24David Harreld27David Harrell
1804 List BMar 24William Harreld Jr.117William Harrell Jr
1804 List BMar 30Ruben Herreld117Reuben Harrell
1804 List BApr 14John Herreld (Son of Wm)148John Harrell
1804 List BMay 25John Herreld (Son of R)128John Harrell
1805 List ANONE
1805 List BMar 12William Harreld116William Harrell
1805 List BMar 12John Harreld Jr.136John Harrell Jr
1805 List BMar 12Ruben Harreld116Reuben Harrell
1805 List BApr 8David Harreld216David Harrell
1805 List BMay 24John Harreld (SW)177John Harrell
1805 List BMay 24William Harreld387William Harrell
1805 List BJun 6Jacob Harreld17Jacob Harrell
1806 List ANONE
1806 List BMay 21David Harreld16David Harrell
1806 List BMay 21William Harreld Sr.386William Harrell Sr
1806 List BMay 31John Harreld Jr.1106John Harrell Jr
1806 List BMay 31William Harreld Jr.126William Harrell Jr
1806 List BJun 7Ruben Harreld116Reuben Harrell
1807 List ANONE
1807 List BApr 15William Harreld Sr.266William Harrell Sr
1807 List BApr 15Ruben Harreld Jr.116Reuben Harrell Jr
1807 List BMay 15David Harreld116David Harrell
1807 List BMay 15John Harreld (Son of W)176John Harrell
1807 List BMay 15John Harreld (Son of R)136John Harrell
1807 List BMay 15Ruben Harreld Sr.116Reuben Harrell
1809 List AMay 9William Herrel125William Harrell
1809 List BMar 10David Harreld128David Harrell
1809 List BMar 23John Harreld (???)128John Harrell
1809 List BMar 23Ruben Harreld Sr.118Reuben Harrell Sr
1809 List BMar 23John Harreld (Son of Wm)168John Harrell
1809 List BMar 24William Harreld Sr.138William Harrell Sr
1809 List BMar 24Ruben Harreld Jr.128Reuben Harrell Jr
1809 List BMar 24Jacob Harreld (Son of Wm)128Jacob Harrell
1810 List AFeb 26William Herrel135William Harrell
1810 List BMar 8Jacob Harrold117Jacob Harrell
1810 List BMar 13William Harrold Sr.137William Harrell Sr
1810 List BMar 13Ruben Harrold127Reuben Harrell
1810 List BMar 13John Harrold (Son of Wm)257John Harrell
1810 List BMar 13David Harrold127David Harrell
1810 List BMar 13Ruben Harrold Sr.117Reuben Harrell Sr
1811 List AApr 12Wm Herrel125William Harrell
1811 List BApr 3Jacob Harrold115Jacob Harrell
1811 List BApr 3William Harrold136William Harrell
1811 List BApr 3David Harrold116David Harrell
1811 List BApr 3Jacob Harrold136Jacob Harrell
1811 List BApr 3Reuben Harrold116Reuben Harrell
1811 List BApr 3John Harrold (R’s son)116John Harrell
1811 List BApr 3John Harrold (Wm’s son)146John Harrell
1811 List BApr 3Reuben Harrold Jr.16Reuben Harrell
1811 List BApr 3David Harrold116David Harrell
1812 List AJacob Harrald117Jacob Harrell
1812 List AAbraham Harrald17Abraham Abram Harrell
1812 List AJohn Harrald17John Harrell
1812 List ADavid Harrald117David Harrell
1812 List ARubin Harrald17Reuben Harrell
1812 List AJacob Harrald127Jacob Harrell
1812 List BNONE
1813 List AMar 30William Harrel1212William Harrell
1813 List AMar 30Reubin Harrel1212Reuben Harrell
1813 List AMar 30Jacob Harrell1312Jacob Harrell
1813 List AMar 30John Harrell3512John Harrell
1813 List AMar 30Reubin Harrell Sr.2113Reuben Harrell
1813 List AApr 1David Harrell1113David Harrell
1813 List BWilliam Herrel236William Harrell
1814 List AMar 31Reuben Harroll29Reuben Harrell
1814 List AApr 7Jacob Harreld1210Jacob Harrell
1814 List AApr 11William Harrold1210William Harrell
1814 List AApr 11Reuben Harrold11210Reuben Harrell
1814 List AApr 11Jacob Harrold1210Jacob Harrell
1814 List AApr 11John Harrold3710John Harrell
1814 List BMar 16William Herrel234William Harrell
1815 List AWm Herrel237William Harrell
1815 List BMar 4William Harrel Jr.1314William Harrell Jr
1815 List BMar 4Jacob Harrel1214Jacob Harrell
1815 List BMar 4Reuben Harrel1 1216Reuben Harrell
1815 List BMar 6Jacob Harrel (Evansham)1216Jacob Harrell
1815 List BMar 8John Harrel3416John Harrell
1815 List BMar 8William Harrel1116William Harrell
1815 List BMar 9David Harrel2116David Harrell
1815 List BMar 9Abram Harrel116Abraham Abram Harrell
1815 List BMar 9John Harrel Jr.1116John Harrell Jr
1816 List AFeb 22William Harrell115William Harrell
1816 List AMar 2William Harrell125William Harrell
1816 List AMar 2Reuben Harrell1125Reuben Harrell
1816 List AMar 2Jacob Harrell125Jacob Harrell
1816 List AMar 12John Harrell Jr.356John Harrell Jr
1816 List AMar 12Landy Harrell16Landy Harrell
1816 List AMar 12David Harrell16David Harrell
1816 List AMar 12William Harrell16William Harrell
1816 List AMar 12John Harrell116John Harrell
1816 List AMar 12Abram Harrell16Abraham Abram Harrell
1816 List AMar 12Jacob Harrell126Jacob Harrell
1816 List BApr 2William Harrell127William Harrell
1816 List BApr 3Byram Harrell1Byram Biron Byrum Biram Birum Harrell
1817 List AMar 11Jacob Harrel (stone m)128Jacob Harrell
1817 List AMar 11Reuben Harrel1118Reuben Harrell
1817 List AMar 21John Harrel Jr.368John Harrell Jr
1817 List AMar 21William Harrel Jr.18William Harrell Jr
1817 List AMar 21Landy Harrel118Landy Harrell
1817 List AMar 21David Harrel18David Harrell
1817 List AMar 21William R. Harrel18William Harrell
1817 List AMar 26William Harrel Jr.118William Harrell Jr
1817 List AMar 26Jacob Harrel128Jacob Harrell
1817 List BWilliam Harrel137William Harrell
1818 List AWm. Herrel137William Harrell
1818 List BMar 16Jacob Harrell136Jacob Harrell
1818 List BMar 16William Harrell Jr.16William Harrell Jr
1818 List BMar 17John Harrell267John Harrell
1818 List BMar 17James Harrell117James Harrell
1818 List BMar 17Landy Harrell17Landy Harrell
1818 List BMar 17Jacob Harrell127Jacob Harrell
1818 List BMar 19William Harrell127William Harrell
1818 List BMar 19Reuben Harrell117Reuben Harrell
1818 List BMar 19David Harrell17David Harrell
1819 List AMar 24William Harrell138William Harrell
1819 List BJames Herrel115James Harrell
1819 List BJesse Herrel115Jesse Harrell
1819 List BJohn Herrel135John Harrell
1819 List BWilliam Herrel15William Harrell
1819 List BWilliam R. Herrel16William Harrell
1819 List BReuben Herrel116Reuben Harrell
1819 List BWilliam Herrel Sr.126William Harrell Sr
1819 List BJacob Herrel116Jacob Harrell
1819 List BJacob Herrel (mason)136Jacob Harrell
1820 List ABiron Herrell126Byram Biron Byrum Biram Birum Harrell
1820 List AWilliam Herrell136William Harrell
1820 List BMar 3Jacob Harrel136Jacob Harrell
1820 List BMar 14John Harrel Jr.146John Harrell Jr
1820 List BMar 14Jesse Harrel16Jesse Harrell
1820 List BMar 14Landy Harrel16Landy Harrell
1820 List BMar 14William Harrel16William Harrell
1820 List BMar 14James Harrel116James Harrell
1820 List BMar 14Reuben Harrel117Reuben Harrell
1820 List BMar 14Jacob Harrel127Jacob Harrell
1820 List BMar 14William Harrel Jr.127William Harrell Jr
1820 List BMar 23David Harrel17David Harrell
1820 List BMar 23William Harrel (Son of D)17William Harrell
1820 List BMar 23Elisha Harrel17Elijah Elisha Harrell
1821 List ALandy Harrell17Landy Harrell
1821 List AJames Harrell117James Harrell
1821 List AJacob Harrell Sr.137Jacob Harrell Sr
1821 List AJacob Harrell17Jacob Harrell
1821 List AWilliam Harrell Sr.117William Harrell Sr
1821 List AReuben Harrell1127Reuben Harrell
1821 List AWilliam Harrell17William Harrell
1821 List ADavid Harrell117David Harrell
1821 List AJohn Harrell147John Harrell
1821 List AJesse Harrell17Jesse Harrell
1821 List BWilliam Harrell26William Harrell
1821 List BByron Harrell27Byram Biron Byrum Biram Birum Harrell
1822 List AMay 3William Herrel126William Harrell
1822 List AMay 3Biram Herrel126Byram Biron Byrum Biram Birum Harrell
1822 List BJacob Harrell Sr.17Jacob Harrell
1822 List BWilliam Harrell Jr.17William Harrell Jr
1822 List BWilliam Harrell17William Harrell
1822 List BJohn Harrell Jr.217John Harrell Jr
1822 List BLandy Harrell17Landy Harrell
1822 List BJames Harrell117James Harrell
1822 List BJesse Harrell17Jesse Harrell
1822 List BReuben Harrell117Reuben Harrell
1822 List BWilliam Harrell Jr.117William Harrell Jr
1822 List BDavid Harrell17David Harrell
1823 List AMar 1Jacob Harrell117Jacob Harrell
1823 List AMar 26David Harrell17David Harrell
1823 List AMar 26John Harrell (son of Wm)217John Harrell
1823 List AMar 26Reuben Harrell117Reuben Harrell
1823 List AMar 25William Harrell Jr.17William Harrell Jr
1823 List AMar 26James Harrell117James Harrell
1823 List AMar 29Landy Harrell18Landy Harrell
1823 List BFeb 17Byram Herrel137Byram Biron Byrum Biram Birum Harrell
1823 List BFeb 17William Herrel127William Harrell
1824 List AApr 10William Harrel127William Harrell
1824 List BMar 10Jacob Harrell117Jacob Harrell
1824 List BMar 24John Harrell318John Harrell
1824 List BMar 24William Harrell118William Harrell
1824 List BMar 24James Harrell118James Harrell
1824 List BMar 24Jesse Harrell18Jesse Harrell
1824 List BMar 25Reuben Harrell128Reuben Harrell
1824 List BMar 26David Harrell18David Harrell
1824 List BMar 26Elisha Harrell118Elijah Harrell
1824 List BApr 1Landy Harrell18Landy Harrell
1825 List AMar 17Reuben Harrell126Reuben Harrell
1825 List AMar 18John Harrell426John Harrell
1825 List AMar 18James Harrell126James Harrell
1825 List AMar 18William Harrell16William Harrell
1825 List AMar 18Landy Harrell16Landy Harrell
1825 List AMar 18Jesse Harrell16Jesse Harrell
1825 List AMar 18Elijah Harrell116Elisha Harrell
1825 List AMar 18David Harrell16David Harrell
1825 List AMar 24Landy Harrell17Landy Harrell
1825 List BMar 9Biram Herrald156Byram Biron Byrum Biram Birum Harrell
1825 List BMar 9William Herrald126William Harrell
1826 List AFeb 3William Harrol127William Harrell
1826 List AFeb 3Biram Harald137Byram Biron Byrum Biram Birum Harrell
1826 List BFeb 14Jacob Harrell116Jacob Harrell
1826 List BFeb 15Elijah S. Harrell116Elisha Harrell
1826 List BFeb 18John Harrell Jr.326John Harrell Jr
1826 List BFeb 18Jesse Harrell16Jesse Harrell
1826 List BFeb 18John Harrell Jr.16John Harrell Jr
1826 List BFeb 18William Harrell116William Harrell
1826 List BFeb 18Landy Harrell16Landy Harrell
1826 List BApr 1James Harrell126James Harrell
1826 List BApr 1Reuben Harrell126Reuben Harrell
1827 List AFeb 13Jacob Harrell118Jacob Harrell
1827 List AMar 30William Harrell118William Harrell
1827 List AMar 30James Harrell118James Harrell
1827 List AMar 31John Harrell338John Harrell
1827 List AMar 31Reuben Harrell138Reuben Harrell
1827 List AApr 4Jesse Harrell19Jesse Harrell
1827 List AApr 4Landy Harrell19Landy Harrell
1827 List BFeb 13William Harrel128William Harrell
1828 List AFeb 14William Harrel127William Harrell
1828 List BFeb 12Jacob Harrell126Jacob Harrell
1828 List BFeb 21William Harrell116William Harrell
1828 List BFeb 21John Harrell116John Harrell
1828 List BFeb 21David Harrell16David Harrell
1828 List BFeb 25James Harrell116James Harrell
1828 List BFeb 25Reuben Harrell126Reuben Harrell
1828 List BFeb 28Landy Harrell118Landy Harrell
1829 List AFeb 9Jacob Harrell127Jacob Harrell
1829 List AFeb 24William Harrell17William Harrell
1829 List AFeb 26John Harrell117John Harrell
1829 List AFeb 31James Harrell127James Harrell
1829 List AFeb 31Reuben Harrell18Reuben Harrell
1829 List AFeb 31Landy Harrell118Landy Harrell
1829 List BFeb 18William Harrel138William Harrell
1830 List AFeb 15William Herald18William Harrell
1830 List AFeb 15John Herald128John Harrell
1830 List BFeb 8Jacob Harrell128Jacob Harrell
1830 List BMar 17William Harrell18William Harrell
1830 List BMar 18Reuben Harrell18Reuben Harrell
1830 List BMar 19James Harrell128James Harrell
1830 List BMar 22John Harrell119John Harrell