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    The EKA of this family is John Harrell b. October 7, 1785 VA or Nelson Co., KY, and died bef. 1840 in probably Greene Co., IN. John married Sarah H. Batman on March 15, 1810 in Nelson Co., KY, daughter of John Batman and Jenny Brown. Based on meager circumstantial evidence, it is believed that this John Harrell is a brother of Ephraim Harrell of Family #6. Descendants of John Harrell lived primarily in Greene County, IN. Some in this line spelled their name Harrel. Greene county was not formed until 1820. Several men, including John Harrel, from Knox county went down to explore the new area and helped settle Greene Co around 1820 (Connie Harrell email 1/19/2010). Children of JOHN HARRELL and SARAH BATMAN are:

    1. JAMES S. HARRELL, b. January 27, 1811, Knox County, IN; d. July 31, 1844, Greene County, IN; JAMES S. HARRELL married EMILY JANE HARRAH July 23, 1834 in Greene County, IN, daughter of WILLIAM HARRAH and MARGARET TINCHER. She was born June 08, 1817 in IN, and died September 25, 1850 in Greene County, IN. Children of JAMES HARRELL and EMILY HARRAH are:
      1. WILLIAM D.4 HARRELL, b. 1837, Greene County, IN; d. November 07, 1907, Bloomfield, Greene County, IN;
      2. EMILY T. H. HARRELL, b. July 29, 1840, Greene County, IN; d. September 25, 1845, Greene County, IN;
      3. JOHN L. HARRELL, b. February 08, 1842, Greene County, IN; d. April 28, 1886, Greene County, IN;
      4. JAMES HARRELL, b. November 14, 1844, Greene County, IN; d. February 05, 1927, Greene County, IN;
    2. WILLIAM L. HARRELL, b. July 08, 1812, KY or IN; d. Bef. 1850, probably Greene County, IN?; WILLIAM L. HARRELL married NANCY ANN CASE August 27, 1834 in Greene County, IN, daughter of ABRAHAM CASE and SARAH HOGUE. She was born 1816 in Knox County, IN, and died Aft. 1850. Children of WILLIAM HARRELL and NANCY CASE are:
      1. JAMES HARRELL, b. November 18, 1838, IN; d. December 21, 1873, Greene County, IN;
      2. JOHN M. HARRELL, b. abt 1840, IN;
      3. EPHRAIM HARRELL, b. April 1842, IN; d. September 05, 1928, Greene County, IN;
    3. EPHRAIM HARRELL, b. June 11, 1816, IN; d. Aft. 1880, AR? (1880 census); EPHRAIM HARRELL married SARAH H. COX August 08, 1839 in Greene County, IN. She was born May 28, 1818 in IN, and died February 11, 1851 in Greene County, IN. Children of EPHRAIM HARRELL and SARAH COX are:
      1. MARY E. HARRELL, b. October 1842, Greene County, IN; d. May 06, 1852, Greene County, IN;
      2. SARAH HARRELL, b. February 01, 1846, Greene County, IN; d. December 23, 1869, Greene County, IN;
      3. MARGARET J. HARRELL, b. 1849, Greene County, IN;
    4. JOHN HENRY? HARRELL, b. April 21, 1817, IN (Findagrave March 21, 1817); d. July 28, 1891, Greene County, IN; JOHN HENRY? HARRELL married (1) LUCINDA SPOONER May 03, 1846 in Greene County, IN. She was born 1828 in Greene County, IN, and died September 04, 1854 in Greene County, IN. He married (2) ELIZABETH LAIR/LARR December 09, 1856 in Greene County, IN. She was born February 10, 1827 in OH, and died August 27, 1902 in Greene County, IN. Children of JOHN HARRELL and LUCINDA SPOONER are:
      1. ZACHARIAH HARRELL, b. October 12, 1847, Greene County, IN; d. April 22, 1925, Greene County, IN;
      2. SAMUEL L. HARRELL, b. July 1848, IN; d. 1921, Ellis County, OK;
      3. JAMES ELEAZAR HARRELL, b. April 27, 1851, Wright, Greene County, IN; d. February 26, 1941, Ellis County, OK;
      4. SARAH ELIZABETH “SALLY” HARRELL, b. November 06, 1852, Greene County, IN; d. April 18, 1917, Richland, Greene County, IN;
      5. JOHN HARRELL, b. July 29, 1854, Greene County, IN; d. September 24, 1854, Greene County, IN;

      Children of JOHN HARRELL and ELIZABETH LAIR/LARR are:

      1. DAVID EPHRAIM HARRELL, b. September 17, 1857, Greene County, IN; d. March 23, 1944, Pittsburg, Crawford County, KS;
      2. WILLIAM JEFFERSON HARRELL, b. January 1859, Greene County, IN; d. 1944, Ellis County, OK;
      3. NANCY JANE HARRELL, b. January 16, 1860, Greene County, IN; d. December 28, 1950, Greene County, IN;
      4. CHARLES L. HARRELL, b. January 1863, Greene County, IN; d. Aft. June 05, 1918, OK;
      5. ELIZA ELLA HARRELL, b. February 1865, Greene County, IN; d. 1945, Greene County, IN;
      6. ALBERT MOSES HARRELL, b. March 1867, Greene County, IN; d. 1931, Greene County, IN;
    5. ISAAC HARRELL, b. March 18, 1819, IN; ISAAC HARRELL married ELIZABETH A. UNKNOWN abt 1841. She was born August 18, 1818, and died May 05, 1850 in Greene County, IN. Children of ISAAC HARRELL and ELIZABETH UNKNOWN are:
      1. MARY E. HARRELL, b. 1842;
      2. SARAH J. HARRELL, b. 1844;
      3. WILLIAM K. HARRELL, b. 1850;
    6. MARGARET JANE HARRELL, b. March 17, 1821, IN; d. August 05, 1852, Greene County, IN; MARGARET JANE HARRELL married WILLIAM B. PIERCE August 15, 1839 in Greene County, IN. He was born 1815 in KY, and died December 27, 1875 in Greene County, IN. Children of MARGARET HARRELL and WILLIAM PIERCE are:
      1. MARGARET PIERCE, b. 1842;
      2. ELIZABETH PIERCE, b. February 01, 1844, IN; d. May 20, 1862, Greene County, IN;
      3. WILLIAM PIERCE, b. 1847;
      4. RACHEL PIERCE, b. 1847;
      5. BENJAMIN PIERCE, b. January 19, 1852, Greene County, IN; d. September 25, 1852, Greene County, IN;
    7. AGNES NANCY HARRELL, b. January 15, 1823, IN; d. October 10, 1844, Greene County, IN;
    8. SARAH HARRELL, b. November 21, 1824, IN;
    9. HARRELL, b. October 14, 1828, INMARY HARRELL, b. November 01, 1826, IN;
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    I am a matrilineal descendant of this family. My great grandmother was Nancy Jame Harrell, daughter of John and Elizabeth Larr.
    The three Harrells’ (John, Issac and William)in Knox County In. names was spelled ‘Herrell’ by the enumerator. Subsequent census records in Greene County, In. sometimes spelled same familys names ‘Herrell” and Harrell ten years later. I also find the name spelled Harrel, Harrold in family records I have inherited. One of the primary records is the one made by Samuel Batman (maybe the son of John Batman and brother of Sarah who married John L Harrell) Sarah H. is buried in the cemetery at John L Harrells’ farm north of Bloomfield. I have handwritten cemetery records prepared by someone (circa 1800s) that recorded her name as Sarah H. Batman on the papers, Cemetery records show the name Sarah H Harrell on the tombstone. Most of these notes are in pencil and fading, now kept in plastic sleeves.Maybe Ill scan them and write over the copies to make them legible. Apparently John L had a brother named James with parents, Moses and Crum according to the notes. I also inherited a cupola hundred photos from the late 1800s ealy 1900s. I recently reenlisted at Ancestry for 6 months from a sale so this is my renewed interest.
    I gave up a few years ago after asking two known Harrell male descendants if they would take a DNA test, even offered to pay for it. Didn’t hear back from them, not even a hello or acknowledgement they received the request I sent by certified mail. One of them I met when he attended my mothers funeral in Greene county in 2002. Needless to say I was deeply hurt by this desertion and brush off from family members.

    I am planning a trip to Bloomfield to take pictures and repair any damages to the Harrell cemetery (in conjunction with the Indiana Historical Society) in Spring 2017, if health allows (78 and currently w thyroid and lung cancer, thyroid in remission and small tumors in lungs being treated with radioactive iodine-hopefully I will not have to go back on chemo so I can go to Indiana.
    Looking for any updated information about this family. Thank you

  • neillharrell posted #1345

    “Apparently John L had a brother named James with parents, Moses and Crum according to the notes.” This sentence should read “my notes” as this information is from hints at and Family Search.

    • mikecooper posted #1349

      Neil – I am the Great grandson of Albert Moses Harrel. It is unclear when the spelling changed. my grandfather always told me that at some point brothers got into a fight and John Harrel changed spelling to one “L”. My wife and I plan to visit Indiana some time this year. Any pictures or information about the Harrel farm you have would be helpful. At the time my grandfather Audress was born Albert Moses had a place near lobe tree.

      • cmharrell posted #1353

        Mike, my grandpa used to tell a similar tale of the removing of one “L.” But, he had some idea it was over slavery, which made us all think of the civil war. Of course, I know now it was long before that time. Considering they went from Kentucky to Indiana, perhaps so??? We’ll never quite know.

  • neillharrell posted #1350

    Albert Moses farm was at the corner of County Rd700 North and County Rd 1000 West. Lone Tree consisted of a crossroads with a grocery store at that time at the northwest corner of the crossroad. Alberts farm was across the road on the southeast corner. You can look it up on Google maps using Lone Tree Ind in the search box. Alberts property is covered in trees, 2nd property from hiway 1000 W. If you send me your email I can send google pictures of Harrell cemetery in Bloomfield. There are numerous cemetery’s on the road to Terre Haute from Worthington in and around Vicksburg with Harrell relatives. Are you the Cooper from Washington state?I think I received correspondence from your wife regarding Sarah Batman. I have hundreds of Harrell pictures, some of Albert and Audress. How are you related to Chapman in Georgia? my email is
    [email protected]

  • cmharrell posted #1352

    After reading your notes above, I am glad to know you are alive and hopefully well! So sorry your Harrell men were so uncooperative! I submitted my 2nd cousin’s (dad’s 1st cousin) DNA several years back. I descend from John Henry Harrel and Lucinda Spooner. His father, brother William, sons John and James moved west to Kansas in the late 1800s, then to open lands western OK around 1900. Son John (John Henry, Jr). They survived the dust bowl basically by going back and forth to Kansas City, MO where my grandpa George had found work and married in the late 1920s. The farm was auctioned off in the 1940s. When the home was auctioned some of the other half brothers came to visit and are in a photo in possession of Sarah Briddwell. I often wondered, during those later poor years, if they regretted leaving Indiana so many years before?

    Sarah Bridwell is descended from the 2nd wife of John, Sr, and Eliabeth Larr. She claims our Harrel’s originally were named Hartwell and from Enland. I see other family trees on that trace back to Moses James Harrell, who is son of Richard Harrell.
    I’m rather unsure of which connections are right. It appears that you have info saying John Harrell b. 10/7/1885 comes from Moses. I’d love to see any photos you have, if you’d like to share.
    Connie Harrell, Tulsa, OK
    p.s. Grandpa George added an “L” — but was originally one “L”

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