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    We have researched a Harrell family line headed by Moses Harrell, b. abt 1803 KY, d. 1880 Wabash Co., IN hoping to find a link with James M. Harrell and/or any of the 6 sons of Richard 1700. A few people have postulated that this Moses Harrell is a son of John Harrell and Abigail Weakly of Shelby Co., IN—this John Harrell being a son of William Harrell (who is son of Richard 1700). We have no proof that John/Abigail had a son named “Moses”. Moses 1802 and Moses 1803 were living in the same county (Wabash) at the same time before Moses 1802 left for Huntington Co., IN. Both Moses Harrells married Scott sisters: Moses 1802 married Rebecca Scott in 1821 in Franklin Co., IN; and Moses 1803 married Francis Scott 1823 in Fayette Co., IN. Moses 1803 and Francis had the following children:

    1. Jesse Daniel Harrell b. 1825;
    2. Phillip P. Harrell b. 1829;
    3. Tabitha Harrell b. 1831;
    4. Amaziah Harrell b. 1833;
    5. Delia Harrell b. 1835;
    6. Charlotte Harrell b. 1840;
    7. Rebecca Harrell b. 1842;
    8. Anna Harrell b. 1844;

    We have a confirmed descendant of Moses Harrell 1803 who recently took the DNA test—his DNA profile matches our Harrell families. It is perhaps noteworthy that the DNA profile of the descendant of Moses 1803 most closely matches the DNA profile of Family #10 whose EKA is James M. Harrell (an exact 25 marker match and missing 37 markers by one marker). This James M. Harrell is the only Harrell who lived and died in Wabash Co., IN other than Moses 1803. Judging by their proximity, their ages, and their close DNA match, it would seem reasonable that they are brothers. But proof is missing.

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    I am trying to figure out what family I am apart of. To my understanding Moses Harrell is a direct descendent of mine but I am now hearing that there could be 2 different ones. My wife is also a Herald, but she comes from some other line of Heralds and can’t trace her family name back to the Harrell as of now. Any way, how do I do the DNA test to determine where we got in these families.

    Charlie Herald

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