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    So, you want to know how to block ads on Dailymotion? The first thing that we will need to discuss is how to modify the video settings to block ads. If your computer were to have the HTML5 player disabled while viewing a YouTube video, ads would not appear on your screen. You can still watch the video, but the ads will not be there. To do this, you will need to go to the settings of your Dailymotion account and change the video settings, so they are set to accept HTML5.

    However, let us not talk about how to block ads on Dailymotion. Let us instead discuss how to disable ads that are part of the video settings. This is a much more convenient solution and will keep you from thinking about how to view YouTube videos continually. To disable ads that are part of the video settings, you will need to open the General tab on the browser and click on “Ads.” You will see a list of all of the Google ads that are currently displayed on your screen.

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    Would you like to know how to block Dailymotion ads? We first need to speak about how video settings are changed to block ads. If your machine disabled the HTML5 player when watching a YouTube video, no advertising on your screen will be shown. You still can watch the video, but there are no advertisements. You will need to go to the Dailymotion account settings and change the video settings to accept HTML5. Someone Do My Essay

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